Drusy Quartz- revolutionarizing Silver & Fashion Jewellery

What is the Gemstone that has rocked the Silver and Fashion Industry in 2011 and 2012? 
Drusy Quartz has come out as an underdog, that recently has really started to get popular amongst most jewellers.

The history of Drusy Quartz goes back few hundread years ago when proper gemological instruments didnt exist. And back then, They used to use alot of types of Quartz as it is in Jewellery, including Drusy Quartz.

So what exactly is Drusy?
Drusy Quartz is simply natural Agate at the bottom and Natural White crystals that have been coated to get different colors of Drusy Quartz.

What makes Drusy so "High in demand"?

Number 1 Reason: Its attractiveness; that makes it look natural and quite closely related to the nature as the crystals. The bright shiny crystals on the top make it such an attract for any Lady to wear in a casual party, or even an event.

Number 2 Reason: It is one of the most lightest Gems around. Its so light that even the biggest of Drusies (35mm) can be quite light, not a burden like other Big colored stones tend to be. For example: When a Topaz weighs 200 carats, now thats heavy, really heavy. And being set in a pendant, it almost pulls your neck off. So big Stones like those, a big NO. However, are big stones attractive? Oh hell yeah, which is why Drusy works wonders.

Number 3 Reason: Its cheap to produce. All you have to do is bring Crystal rough, Bring Agate rough, and bring them together with a coloring process, which we do in our own Factories.

For all these reasons Drusy Quartz, which comes in many different colors, including Gold, Silver, Black Diamond and many more exciting colors. All sizes and shapes available. Want to see the color chart?

Drusy Quartz Ovals 10x8, Gold, Silver, Blue and Golden Dream...

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