Wholesale Green, Pink and Multi Tourmaline Rare Collection

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I hope your Valentines sales for Jewellery have been good. Its time to introduce you to some of our latest collection of Pink Tourmaline. Thailand is one of the best places to buy Wholesale Tourmaline because of its clear cut advanced technology and the expert Cutters that have the skill to not only cut by utilization, but beauty as one of the major parts also.

There are around 75 pieces of Top Quality (Inclusion Free) Pink Tourmaline - weighing from 2 carats upto 12 carats pieces. They all have different color variations, but most have a nice Pink Hue /Shade.

The below Pink Tourmaline piece is one of the most BREATHTAKING pieces in my carrier, it has an excellent Pink Shade all around, some being darker than the other, the sparkle is right at the cut, which shows an excellent reflection. It weighs around 12 carats, for pricing you may contact us at info@navneetgems.com - If it hasnt sold out than I will be more than happy to gift it to you.

Due to coming Christmas we have stocked Tourmaline in Pink, Green, Black, Olive, Yellow and in many colors. All are big sizes like 7 carats +, many small pieces are also available. We have approx 100 lots of Multi Tourmaline Gemstones. You will get every desired shade of Tourmaline in this.

Have a look of tourmaline single stones, lots

Wholesale Green tourmaline
multi tourmaline wholesale multi tourmaline
Wholesale Pink Tourmaline

This above Tourmaline is a ONE TIME BUY ONLY. We at NavneetGems.com have this Oval Shape Tourmaline Loose Stone on sale for only 1 month. Next month - it will be sold to our clients in Japan, which love this color. Book your Extra ordinary Pink Tourmaline right now! We also have many other pieces which may suit your requirements, Kindly email us to receieve a reply at info@navneetgems.com
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