How to buy Wholesale Gemstones online?

How to buy Wholesale Gemstones online?

First things first - are you buying from a company of gemstones that has an e-commerce option for check out? Stop. The reason is because they have high overhead costs and have almost double margin. Answer is source your Gemstones from a supplier like I am saying this because if you are  jeweler, or a designer, or a passionate person about Jewellery, who is in this field and are you still buying from these Indian shops online? 

In order to be competitive in todays worlds - you need to buy in bulk (At wholesale prices) and sell slowly in retail with good margins. If you are buying from online Gemstone companies, you are buying in bulk (But at retail prices) and selling in the retail market? Doesnt make sense, just re-consider all those 5 costs attached with those companies selling gems, beads, cabochons, etc, or in short Wholesale Gemstones.

1) Updating cost every day (Requires people)
2) Website development cost
3) Photoshop, Photography cost (Expensive)
4) Online promotion expenditure to rank on Google
5) Opportunity cost

Considering all these I dont think if you are buying gems anywhere from between 500$ upto 5000$ per order, that you should buy from them. Its simplly just convenient, but not definitely competitive?

Do your price comparisson today. Email me at, with prices of Gems, Cabs or anything you want. I'll quote you and you'll know how expensive you are buying at. Buy from a wholeseller who doesnt do retail, instead of a retailer who says he is a wholeseller by selling in retail?

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