Garnet Gemstone - Who Says it Comes Only in Red

“Birthstone of January” – Garnet is one of the most elegant Gemstone in the world. This stone is mined in China, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and many more countries. It comes in different colors like green, pale yellow, blue, orange and blue-orange. It is classified according to color shades. Garnet color groups are Pyrope, Rhodolite, Spessartite and many more.

When it comes to astrology behind it, then Garnet Stones are for those people who want to get instant success, happy relationship and prosperity. We have inclusion free Garnet in all types. We have some special and rare pieces like four-ray, star, six rays garnet. These special pieces are costlier than normal one because of their rarity. Sometimes this stone has come in Controversy because of its miraculous healing powers.
Garnet rough
Brazil Garnetgarnet wholesale
NavneetGems and Minerals has a huge stock of garnet Gemstones at low prices. We don’t compromise with quality of the stone. We are running our own manufacturing unit of loose Gemstones, that’s why we are selling at wholesale prices. Due to Garnet rough analyzing team, skilled workers, good shipping services, low prices, quality assurance navneetgems has won the heart of thousand customers so far. Write us a mail to order and know more about Garnet wholesale.   

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