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Amethyst Information and Buying Tips

Almost every religion states that the God considers human as its best creation. And that’s why religious people also claim that the God have given few beautiful gifts to us including Gems. So, friends here I am again with this another mystical Gem named “Amethysts” which is widely known as a guard against drunkenness and to generate a clean thought.

This post is just for you, if you believe on Gem’s magic or crazy about astrologers or just referring my article for your blog. Let’s learn about ‘What Amethyst is?’, ‘Where (its occurrence)’, ‘Who (should wear this)’, ‘Why (its benefits) and ‘How (you can get this)’ about this mystical power gemstone.

History and beginning - Brief introduction 

This is an Ancient Greek named Gemstone and its meaning is sober, that can protect its owner from drunkenness. It is usually found in violet, but its color variety varies from dark violet to lilac to lavender. It is available in variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts, such as, brilliants, cabochons, checkerboard, and beads. It has very good firmness (7 on the Mohs scale) without cleavage that makes it perfect Gemstone for jewelry crafting.

It naturally occurs in six-sided form and can be discovered within geodes across the planet. Strangely amethysts changes to almost colorless in daylight and the reason behind it is yet to be discovered.

African Amethyst Rough and deposit
African Amethysts are mostly found in America, Africa, and Brazil. But its size and hues differs,  from southern America it is often discovered in large dimensions while African amethysts are usually quite little. But amethysts found from Africa can be highly saturated in shades, making it first choice for its admirers.

Amethyst Astrology
Amethyst is a February Gemstone and is mostly recommended to the individuals who born under the sign of Fishes by Astrologers.  Remember this is not for Capricorns, Leos, and Taurus.

Why to buy African Amethyst
Like other Gemstones, it also has its own history and myths list. The ancient Romans and Greeks used Amethyst to create consuming vessels, believing that it would prevent them from intoxication. Moses described it as an icon of the Soul of God.
Astrologers claim that this stone is a dream stone and will be helpful for those who are suffering from sleeplessness. Amethyst is often used by healers, as it has magical focus energy. Some uses it to cure the respiration related diseases.

Now, the conclusion is that you can use this magical Gemstone for:
  • Cell-growth and cell-regeneration
  • As a cure for insomniac
  • To enhance your blood circulation
  • For pleasant dreams and to make your life happier
  • To heal your wounds
How to buy Loose Amethyst Gemstones?
There are many online and offline Gemstone manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers in the market. But remember always prefer some big names to buy Gemstones. I suggest you to try Navneet Gmes and Minerals Gemstones. Navneet Gems is a very renowned name in Gemstone industry. There factories are in India and Thailand and have shown consistent increase in customer base and profit.  They are very famous for their creative cuts, service quality, and delighted customers.

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