Are African Amethyst Gemstones beautiful?

The amethyst gemstone is also known as “Birthstone of February”. A gemstone that beholds the planetary powers and elegant look, in simple words it is a complete thing to wear on that works in healing and looking both. All these things makes it "Beautiful".

This stone comes in Purple color with pink tone. African Amethyst comes in dark purple color, that can’t be seen in any other Gemstone. There are many semi precious and precious stones like Tanzanite, Ruby, Emerald etc. but they all are expensive because of rare availability and color, but African amethyst is the only stone that is cheap with a dark fine purple color. There is not any stone that can replace this stone. As you know, Purple color is being favorite of “Party-Goers”, so naturally they wear purple color jewelry of that costume, that’s the reason behind rising of Amethyst selling this year.

Let’s have a look on Amethyst’s history, hardness, availability and astrology. This purple gem belongs to the quartz group with a hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale. It is not delicate like Moonstone or any other stones, so it is best for jewelry purpose and user wearing purpose. There is not only a single purple color in which it comes, it also comes in shades of purple, lavender and sometimes rosy hues too. Treatment is possible in this Gem. By asking my personal astrologer, he told me astrology behind this stone. He says “it is a Gemstone of February and for those whose zodiac sign is Aquarius. Every Jewelry type like Rings, Pendant, Pins, Necklace, Bracelets and Brooches can be easily made by using Amethyst. It looks sophisticated with sterling silver. 

Navneet Gems is manufacturing Amethyst in its Thailand unit. Now African amethyst prices in big sizes, 20 carats+ is between 20$/carat, to 100$/carat. It depends on many factors. You may ask anytime regarding this. Our Online selling team is working 24x7. You many contact us from here.  

african amethyst cabochons

african amethyst faceted

african amethyst octogans

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