An overview on Gemstones Grading

There is a misconception among people that only diamonds have grading. Every Semi Precious and Precious Gemstone has grading. 

Brief Introduction about Gemstones Grading
Color of Gems is analyzed by checking of mixing of primary color with secondary color. For example Primary colors (Red and Blue) and secondary colors (orange and violet) are mixed together then it gives different color to gem. Saturation, Hue and Tint are also parameters to measures. A gemstone mainly depends on its color. 

Let’s have a look about color grade and tone. It is measured by main color presence in the stone. If Gemstone is completely made of primary or main color, then it is said to be an Excellent. Moving next to slighter lower color grade (Very Good, Good), in which secondary color is slightly visible.
All you can say that color grade is simply based upon the purity or presence of primary color. For example, a complete green emerald said to be an excellent, the bluer the sapphire, redder the ruby etc.

Color Zoning and clarity are more factors. Color zoning means distribution of color in the stone. If color is equally distributed or not.  Clarity is measured by inclusion in the stones. It is free of inclusion then FI, it is said. Light inclusion (LI1-LI2), High Inclusion (HI1 – HI2) etc. Apart from all these cutting and polishing also matters a lot in Gemstones. 

This was a brief introduction about Gemstones Grading. Soon our experts will give a detailed information about Gemstones grading. Navneet Gems is one of the best spot for Wholesale Gemstones. Our company is following each and every guideline to gemstone making. We are authorized dealer of Semi Precious and Precious Stones. We having been participated in HKDTC and Bangkok gems and jewelry fair for many years. 

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  1. I have a whole host of untreated gem stones, un identified really. I'm reading and reading and trying to figure out what to do with these, who do I take them to??
    Can anyone in the know help?!


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