Blue Topaz Stone from Navneet Gems and Minerals

Are you looking for Blue Topaz Stones? Then you are at the right place to Buy them at wholesale prices. Navneet Gems and Minerals is one of the biggest exporters of Blue Topaz Stone.

We manufacture them at our own manufacturing units in Thailand and India. People love to Buy Blue Topaz Stone from us because Topaz Gemstone is our specialty and we make them available in other colors and shapes as well.

A Blue Topaz Stone is at number 8 on the Moh's Scale of hardness and its absolute hardness is 200. The Topaz stone comes in a variety of colors like deep golden yellow (Imperial Topaz), blue, light to medium brown (Champagne Topaz), pink and white or clear topaz. Most common color, people prefer of topaz is Blue. Navneet Gems and Minerals is the connoisseur of this stone.

We import rough and crystals of Topaz directly from the largest Brazil. Brazil is the biggest hub of Topaz Stones now a days.

The different shapes of Blue Topaz Stones available at our place are pear, tear, drop, heart, round, oval, rectangular, trillion, cushion, marquise, etc. London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz are our main attractions.

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