Cabochons in Every Gemstone

Navneet Gems and Minerals offers a wide range of wholesale Cabochons for jewelry making at lower prices with minimum shipping charges. Our Gemstones comes with quality guarantee.

Derived from the French word caboche which means head or dome. Cabochons refers to a Gemstone, which is flat from one side and commonly smooth and domed from the other side. These are commonly cherished by Jewelry industry because of the following characteristics:-

1.Color : The availability of Cabochons in variety of stunning colors makes it a popular amongst others. They are usually found in Semi- Precious Gemstones like turquoise, carnelian, opal etc. which are comparatively cheap then Precious ones. The charming color attracts the wearer.
2.Size : The small sized gemstones are used to make earrings, rings etc. while big ones, are used in making pendants, broaches.
3.Shape: It can be classified into two types of shapes:-

·Standard shape: The stones cut into standard shapes like oval , round, square etc.
·Designer shape: The stone when cuts into unusual shapes .

Star Sapphires and Star Rubies are the two best examples of Precious Gemstones cut as Cabochons. The round shapes enables star to be seen properly. We are selling Cabs in each stone. Check our store.

At Navneet Gems, we are specialize in rare and specific Cabochons. We travel round the world to collect these Gemstones. Each stone is hand cut and polish by our manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Striking patterns with bright colors are our individuality. To order, please visit  our catalog or send your specifications to

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