Loose Zambian Emerald Gemstones - Worth Buying For Jewelers, Investors and Users

Have you looked at Beyonce on President Obama's inauguration ceremony this year? If you haven't, then you should. No one was listening to her singing at the ceremony, people's eyes were on her Emerald earrings. Those latest fashioned emerald earrings made her "Center of attraction". She was the only one to grab the whole limelight. Jewelry designer "Lorraine Schwartz "told to the media that those 130 carats earrings worth was $1.8million. 

Why this Green Gemstone become so trendy and people's favorite everywhere?

Elegance of Emerald Gemstone has been recognized by the jewelers and users that's why this stone is in trend now a days. 
  • Pantone( Global Authority on Colors) have declared "Emerald green" as the "Color of 2013". 
  • Window displays of this Color Gemstone has been seen from New delhi to New York, there is no doubt in this.  
Let's have a look on Indian trends. Indian buyers used to like Gold, later they liked Diamonds and now it is "Emerald". Indian people also have known the elegance of this Green Gemstone. By asking on Navneet Gems company owner Mr. Suresh Agarwal about emerald he says "Emerald is one of the unique gemstones and always loved by people, but now a days it is on peak in Gemstone market. It is very important to check the proper certification when buying emerald. Always buy such Gemstones from trustworthy Companies." 

In the last auction in HKTDC Navneet Gems got an excellent response from people. You may check here our company details  on offical website of Hong kong Gems & Jewelry Fair - HKTDC Navneet Gems 

Navneet gems is selling Ethically Mined Loose Zambian Emerald at wholesale prices. As you know Demand and prices depends on each other. If demand increases then price automatically increase. When Gold and diamonds were in demand then prices increased highly, later people switched into the color stones. Now Emerald prices are also increasing day by day. We are selling Emerald Gemstone online on reasonable prices. Emerald is a good buy for investor, user and Jeweler  at this point. You can write us at info@navneetgems.com to know more about Emerald Gemstones.

Loose Zambian Emerald

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