Rose Cut Gemstones - Setting up a new trend

Hello Readers, Are you familiar with the term “Rose cut gemstone”? If you are not, don’t worry I am going to detail it here.
Rose Cut Gemstones are in the trend now days. As you know every new, exciting, affordable thing sets a new trend so it is the result of this. 
History and beginning of rose cut gemstones
It started when it is analyzed that this cutting reduces the loss of gem. The Rose cut resemble to an opening rose-bud. In other cuts like brilliant, Checkerboard etc. loss of the stone takes place that’s why rose cut came into trend so much. The characteristic or presence of the Rose is that it is flat from the bottom, low pyramid from the top, covered with small triangular facets. The facets generally cut in two rows: star-facets and diagonal facets respectively from upper row and lower row. In the center, generally triangular shape six facets.

Rose cutting cabochons
Rose cutting as the name indicates “ROSE”. Facet on a Gemstone comes in triangular cut. If we compare both checkerboard cut and rose cut then you will find rose cut, finer. “More number of facets gives more reflection”. Everyone is using it in parties and daily use. This cut of gem is possible in every stone like Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Quartz, Topaz etc. It is less costly than any other cuts. This cut is also used in cabochons. Can you imagine a cabochon with rose cut? It looks fabulous. With the flat bottom, cabochon comes with this cut on the top.

Why jewelers prefer Rose cut Gemstones?
Does cut of a stone matter? Yes it does matter a lot. Rose cutting enhance the brilliance of the stone many times. A jeweler better know that this cutting not only enhance the looking but also adds lusture, refraction, transparency and reflection. Gemstone of this cut is used in Pendant, Ring, Bracelet etc. Mr. Anthony- Our client from USA, Professionally a sophisticated jeweler says about this cut "Rose cut has been my favorite since last 2 years because of its increasing demand in jewelry. Thanks to NavneetGems to supplying me Every Gemstone in this cutting"

Why only reading? This time is to give it a try. We are providing sample of Rose cut Gemstones for our new and existing customers. Call or mail us anytime.   

rose cut gems

rose cut gemstones

rose cut sapphire

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