Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to choose a Natural Sapphire and Types of Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire is said to be "birthstone for September". Most of the people think sapphire comes only in blue, but it is not like this. Sapphire comes in wide range of colors. Blue, yellow,pink, red etc. are most prominent colors in sapphire. There are few things to judge the real Gemstone and identify the real one. When you are going to invest your money then you should know that you are buying a real and natural sapphire. Here we are mentioning some points - 
  • Natural - It should be Natural, not a artificial one.
  • Unheated - If someone is supplying heated sapphire then it is not real one. A real sapphire does not need any treatment.
  • Certified - you can ask to your supplier for certificate, they will definitely provide you.
  • Reliable supplier - Supplier should be very reliable. Simply you can check their website and blogs if you buy sapphire online. 
Many people wear sapphire as astrology point of view. A real sapphire only works or gives positive effects. Apart from above mentioned points 3C's (Cut, Color, Clarity) also matters a lot.
Cut - Oval, Cushion and round are the most famous cuts of Sapphire.

Color - Here by the example of Blue Sapphire we are elaborating color range. Saturation or color intensity varies as well as hue. If we take example of blue sapphire then it starts from blue water midnight then finally goes to Dark Blue. Prices depends on color and clarity.
Clarity - Stone should be loupe clean or slightly included. If a stone is completely inclusion free then there is a chance of synthetic type because natural one never comes completely clear.

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