An Overview on Wholesale Emeralds Gemstones

Navneet Gems and Minerals are one of the most trusted names in trading and supplying of Emeralds which are well-polished and has sound finishing touch. These gemstones are finely cut by our experienced craftsmen so that the products match up with the expectations of our clients. Our wide range includes everything right from Emerald Beads to Emerald Single stones to Emerald Cabochons and Emerald Faceted. We have India based Jaipur factory, the city known as the hub of Emeralds, the fine skillmenship of ours makes us ahead from the competitors. Let’s just know more about Emeralds.

Emeralds derive its name from the Greek word “Smaragdos” via the French word “esmeralde” which simply means green stone and it belongs to Beryl mineral group. The mesmerizing green color of Emerald is incomparable in Gem World. On top of that, high demand with scarce resources makes it utmost popular amongst Precious Gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. Sometimes, rare specimens of brilliant Emeralds are even more costly than the Diamonds.

Alike Diamonds, the quality and value of Emeralds can also be assess by 4’Cs i.e. color, cut, clarity and carat.

Emerald Colors: The precious green color of Emerald is due to presence of hint amounts of chromium and vanadium. Intense greens and blue-greens tend to be regarded as high-quality and the most expensive. For Example Colombian Emeralds are best known because of their color only. It ranges from pale-yellow green to bluish green color. The color of Colombian Emeralds makes it most expensive one. Even some of our customers appreciate light colors of Emeralds also, we do supply those also. After all, what matters for us is customer satisfaction.

Cuts of Emeralds: The quality of cut on stone also determines the value of the Gemstone. Cutters love to cut Emeralds, in fact a special cut named as Emerald Cut has specially been invented to cut this beautiful stone. The square or rectangular cut with chopped corners is Emerald Cut. They can easily be found in every common cuts expect few like brilliant, trillions and princess cut. Our Online store, offers almost all cuts like rounds, ovals, octagons, pear shape, trillions and many more for sale.

Wholesale emerald Gemstones

Emeralds Gemstones

Emerald’s Clarity: Clarity of stones is less significant in case of Emeralds compared to other Precious Gemstones. Few flaws and inclusions inside the Emerald can be tolerated and considered as a part used to assuring the purchaser a natural gemstone. The inclusions trapped within the gemstone forming a silky web often known as garden.

Carat Weight: One carat is equals to 1/5 part of 1gram. For the smaller pieces above C’s are more important but for the larger stones Carat Weight is the most important factor in determining the value. Our huge Inventory of Emeralds for sale includes the smallest of 3x4 ovals up until 50 carat stones.

Colombia is the best source of fine Emeralds, the best known mines are Muzo, Chinor and Coscuez. Coscuez mine itself producing more than 70% of Colombian Emeralds. Second best source is Zambia, another resource of Fine Emeralds. Other countries are Brazil, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Russia. But most of the Emerald Gem Trade is done by Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and Zimbabwe. Navneet Gems mostly imports the Emerald rough from Brazil and Zimbabwe as Colombian and Zambian Emeralds are now very rare to be found and also very expensive. To buy, Wholesale Emerald contact us at

Emerald is a Gemstone for Mercury. It gives positive energies of Mercury to wearer that supposes to increase the spiritual energies and also calms down the disturbed mind. It also helps in increasing the concentration; reduce depression and reducing depression the stomach, vowel health problems of elderly people.

The most common enhancement treatment is done by oiling the Emeralds by cedar wood oil. Cedar oil is sticky and colorless oil obtains from tree cedar. 
This oil would fill natural cracks and flaws within the stone. This oiling is done usually to enhance the appearance of Emeralds. Most of the Emeralds sold by Navneet Gems have been treated by cedar oil.

Special care is required for Emeralds as they are not hard. They have been rated 7-7.5 on Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness. Fingerprints on Emeralds can be cleaned by soft cloth soaked in slightly warm water.

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