An Overview on Wholesale Pink Sapphire Gemstones

Pink Sapphire is a member of Sapphire Gemstone Family. It is one of the rarest Sapphire colors and the most treasured one. Often Sapphires are related with color blue. But this is not correct, they can be of many colors like pink, yellow, purple, black and colorless also. These colors are due to the presence of mineral corundum in them. The varieties of Sapphire colors sometimes also called as Fancy Sapphires. Pink Sapphires are available in many shades of pink like light pink, delicate pink, hot pink, pink with slight violet tinge and many more shades of pink in between.

Pink Sapphire Gemstones

Pink Sapphire Composition
Both Sapphires and Rubies has been rated 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness just next to Diamond. This results into the toughness and relatively stretches resistance. The brilliant hardness of the stone and availability in various colors make Sapphire a popular gemstone. It is quite interesting to know that only Ruby and Sapphire comprises more than half of the gemstone business.

Pink Sapphire Manufacturing
Navneet Gems andMinerals are well-known for all the types of Wholesale Precious Gemstones especially for Sapphires and Ruby gems. We have factories in Thailand as well as in India. From Thailand factory, we receive most of our Sapphires because as we all know Thai’s are experts in cutting and polishing the Sapphires.

The importance of Pink Sapphires can be easily breathed by the fascination of people towards Pink Diamonds. As Pink Diamonds are of the rarest and expensive of all the gemstones that in turn results as out of reach to most of the people except few. Pink Sapphires are the best alternative of Diamonds because of its rarity and expensiveness. Navneet Gems are Sapphire Gemstone Wholesaler provides the various qualities, size, shape and the color of Sapphires for our customer.

Although, the blue color of Sapphire is considered as standard color. But, good quality and big stones of Pink Sapphire are very rare to found. This enhances the value of Pink gemstone from the other Fancy Sapphires such as yellow, green, black. In case of Sapphires, the clearer and brighter the color, the gemstone will be more valuable. In pastel shades, the clarity should be good otherwise inclusions can even be seen by naked-eyes also. The cut of the stone also matters in light-colored Sapphires, the cut should reflect the light back evenly throughout the face of the stone. We have Pink Sapphire available in almost every shape that is commonly used, especially round, oval and pear shapes. Rose cuts and normal cuts are also available on the stock; we also make shapes, cuts, sizes according to what customers wants.

Sri-Lanka has been always the major source for Pink Sapphire, with material coming from Burma also. Moreover, in recent times, African countries like Madagascar and Tanzania has strongly felt their presence in International Sapphire Market. Generally, heat treatments are given to Pink Sapphires to improve its clarity. Our wide stock includes wholesale Pink Sapphire Beads, Wholesale Pink Sapphire Briolette, Wholesale Pink Sapphire Cabochons, Wholesale Pink Sapphire Faceted and Wholesale Pink Sapphire Single Stones with a price surely less from competitors.  To buy online, connect to us at .

Pink Sapphire Jewelry
Winding up by the beauty of Pink Sapphire in jewelry, amongst many people yellow gold setting with many gemstones is favorite, but when Pink Sapphire is set in a white gold or platinum mountains. The beauty of Pink Sapphire reaches to its par.

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