An Overview on Wholesale Rose Quartz Gemstones

Hello Readers!! Today let’s talk about love, love stone, Rose Quartz gemstone. Yes, Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and friendship and oftenly considered as a stone of Universal Love. It promotes all kind of love including self love, romantic love, nurturing love and off course true love. In addition, to all these type of love you find between friends and siblings. These crystals bring trust and harmony in people’s relationships and also balance the people’s emotions. Also heals the negative emotions such as anger and resentment.

Nature: Rose Quartz is associated with Quartz family had Amethyst, Citrine, Milky-Quartz, Smoky-Quartz and Rock Crystal being the other members of the family. It belongs to macro crystalline group has large crystals which can be distinguished by naked eye. This quartz is mainly transparent to translucent in nature. It ranges from very pale pink to red rose hue in color. The color of the gemstone is believed due to the hint of titanium, iron and magnesium into it. Sometimes, a rutile needle kind of a thing can also be seen in Rose Quartz which produces asterism in transmitted light.

Availability: The first ever Rose Quartz crystals were found in Brazil. Madagascar, India, Germany, South Africa and some localities of U.S.A (Maine and South Dakota) also are the places where this gemstone is found. Although, we at Navneet Gems imports rough from Brazil because it has major resources all over the world and the color of the rough is very fine.

Treatments: Generally no enhancement treatments are given. They are colored naturally. In our Thailand manufacturing unit, we just cut and polish the stone. Our company does not use any kind of false practicing. We provide guarantee certificates to customers.

Best Look: Rose Quartz looks best in cabochons because of the natural impurities. It is too definite to use this stone as a cut gemstone, except for the few pieces with immense clarity in them. We stock many free sized Wholesale Rose Quartz gemstones , in calibration also.

Healing Stone: It is also considered as healing stone. It heals the problems of love and self worth. It gave benefits to many people. Many of our customers thanks us for suggesting them Rose Quartz.

Synonyms: This gemstone sometimes may also be called as Pink Quartz or Rosy Quartz.

Beautiful Jewelry: Jewelry along with idols, pyramids, fig wines, spheres and statues are made with Rose Quartz.

Other Uses: It is not necessary to wear the Rose Quartz jewelry for its effectiveness. Loose tumble gemstones.

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