An Overview on Wholesale Ruby Gemstones

What should be the qualities of stone that makes it an excellent gemstone? The answer is a perfect hardness, magnificent color and outstanding brilliance. Gemstone Ruby has all the three qualities which make it a perfect Precious Stone. From the ancient times, Ruby has been considered as most powerful gemstone in the Universe. The rich red color of the gem is oftenly associated with love, passion, warmth and blood.

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Ruby is a gemstone of Sun, which is the master of all nine-planets. So, the people with Sun having in their birth-charts can wear Ruby. It should often wear by people aiming fame and wealth as it is the King of the Gems. This red gemstone is also known to eliminate poverty and bring in the prosperity to the wearer. According to astrology, the Ruby is so powerful that it fades or changes the color itself, if some bad afflicts it’s native and regains its color back after passing of bad phase. Our company always believes to recommend wearing flawless and authentic Rubies to our Individual customers because defective ones can proves harmful to the user.

Later article is more concentrated on nature, composition, birthplaces, common treatments and many more important aspects of Rubies.

Starting with, the English word Ruby obtains its name from Latin word “Rubens” meaning thereby is red color stone. The formation of Ruby contains mineral corundum (aluminum oxide) in chemistry. The red variety of mineral corundum is Ruby, while the other colors of mineral corundum are known as Sapphires. Natural corundum is colorless. The presence of slight traces of elements like titanium, iron, magnesium and vanadium is responsible for all the colors. With an excellent hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale of Mineral hardness only second by Diamond, this gem is less resists to stretches. Till 19th century both Rubies and Sapphires were acknowledge as same because of the close relations between the two.

Coming on nature, all natural have some imperfections in them because of the presence of chromium in them. This gives birth to some natural flaws and fractures within the stone and some color impurities also. Some inclusions of rutile needles are known as silk. Gemologists, uses these needle inclusions to distinguish ruby from its substitutes and synthetics like Red spinal, Red Garnet and Red Sapphire. Almost, all Rubies now in market are heat treated. In heat treatments, the stone is heated up at high temperature of 1800 degree Celsius to improve its quality and color. Heat Treatment is taken up as a legal practice. Although, the natural Rubies with superb quality still commands more value.

Winding up with the color, all the colors of red including pink of mineral corundum are Rubies. The color and rarity of Ruby, mainly determines its value. It will interest to know that birthplace of a rough also plays a major role in examining the value of Rubies.

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