An Overview on Wholesale White Sapphire Gemstones

When you look at the Gemstones what is the main attraction that just strikes to your mind?? It is the color of the gemstone. Valuable colored gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald have vivid and intense color. However at times, a jewelry design demands for a white or colorless gemstone. The first name suddenly comes in everybody’s mind is Diamond. Although, Diamonds are not always a practical choice because they are quite expensive. There are few alternatives available for Diamond but the most prominent one is White Sapphire.

Being a member of Sapphire Gemstone Family White Sapphire is an perfect substitute of White Diamonds because of:

Hardness: The hardness of both Diamond and White Sapphire is equal. Diamond being the hardest mineral ever found on Earth’s crust. It has been rated 10 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness while Sapphire is rated just next to Diamond as between 9-9.5.

High-Refractive Index: Refractive Index means how hard it is for light to travel throughout the gemstone. The Index of Diamond and White Sapphire is 2.419 and 1.759-1.763 respectively.

Precious Gemstones: Sapphires and Diamonds both belongs to Precious Gemstones Group, other alternatives are also available in Semi-Precious Gemstones like crystal, Zircon etc. but there quality is not  as good as Sapphires.

Appearance: White Sapphires are transparent, colorless and sparkling at his appearance which makes it best alternative for Diamonds.

If you are looking for consistent Wholesaler of White Sapphires, Navneet Gems andMinerals offers a wide- range of Sapphires for sale. We are not first in respect of market share of Wholesale Sapphires but provide high-class quality gemstones with Gem Certificates which insures every purchase of our customers. We have big Jewelry Designing houses and Gem resellers as our big wholesale customers. In addition, we also serve individual needs of the customers which buy in small quantity for collection purposes, gifts or even for investment. Buy Wholesale White Sapphires in all sizes and shapes from us, Sapphires in small sizes are very famous in the world. We have heart, princess-cut, marquise, ovals and trillions cut shaped Sapphire available in our inventory.   Though, sparkling 2mm round and square cut Sapphires are our specialty.

In Gem Trade, Heat Treatments are considered to be normal practice now-a-days, while Diffusion treatment is considered illegal if it has not been disclosed to the customer. In Diffusion process, the colorless Sapphire has been heated with iron and titanium powders up to 2000 degrees Celsius. This high temperature artificially changes the natural color of White Sapphire to unnatural blue color. Diffused Sapphires can easily lose their artificial color if re-polished, chipped or re-cut. While In Heat Treatment Sapphires are heated up till particular temperature to enhance its color and clarity. Our Thailand based Sapphire factory, uses only genuine method of Heat treatment.

It will be interesting to know that White Sapphires are only found in Sri-Lanka though the other colored Sapphire like pink, green and yellow can be found in many parts of the world. About 20 yrs ago, White Sapphire does not have any existence in Gem Trade. With the invention of Diffusion method which changes the white color into cobalt blue raise the demand of White Sapphire. The prices shoot up to 8 to 10 times of the normal price.

Coming to astrology behind the White Sapphire, it represents the positive energy of planet Venus. All beautiful and luxurious things are ruled by Venus. The wearer will always be bestowing happiness, magnetism and attractiveness in his married life.

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