Are Cocktail Rings expensive?

If you are not afraid to stand out in a crowd then you should definitely have a Cocktail Ring. The bold statement of a Cocktail Ring will leave an ever last impression on your friends, colleagues and loved ones!!

Any ring which has large and dramatic centrepiece stone and bordered by small stones is a Cocktail Ring. They had been first appeared in United States during the prohibition period. U.S. women wore these rings at illegal cocktail parties and flaunted illegal drinking with style.  The bigger the stone of the ring implies the more protest against illegal drinking law. They were wore only in Cocktail parties, but now-a-days, Cocktail Rings can be wear at any occasion or it can even be paired up with casuals outfits also. 

My answer to the titled question is no, they are not. In earlier times, these cocktail rings were tends to made with expensive stones only like Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond. But, due to change in trend, popularity and expensiveness of these rings they are now largely manufactured with inexpensive Semi- precious stones such as Zircon, Amethyst, Garnet, Iolite, Chalcedony, Moonstone and many more. So, everybody will be able to afford them and adds some sensation to their personality.

If you want to owe a mesmerizing centre piece for your Cocktail Ring, we at Navneet Gems and Minerals are there to help you. Free-sizes single stones are available in almost 400 varieties of gemstones for sale. We are manufactures cum wholesalers cum dealers of both precious and semi-precious gems. Start working on your dream Cocktail Ring by ordering gems from us at

Just to give additional information to the buyers a good Cocktail Ring should have minimum three carat of stone preferably five or more. The rule is that the bigger the stone the better. And yes, please mention your specifications of size, color and shape with your e-mail.

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