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Black Diamonds are made using low quality White Diamonds - thatswhy Black Diamonds are cheap.

There are many uncertainties in people’s mind regarding Black Diamonds. I hope my article will help to clear out many of your doubts.

Black Diamonds – are they real?
Yes, they are real. A naturally occurring Black Diamond is quite rare and very expensive. Mostly, these are found as irregular black masses known as Carbonados. These natural polycrystalline diamonds are found in alluvial deposits of Brazil and Central African Republic only.

Black Diamonds – are they made up by White Diamonds?
Most of the Black Diamonds traded today in the market are treated ones because of the rarity and expensiveness of natural Black Diamonds. White Diamonds of low-grade color and clarity has been given heat or irradiation treatment to make them jet black in color.

Black Diamonds – are they less valuable than White Diamonds?
Yes, obviously as now-a-days in Gem trade generally all diamonds are treated ones. As mentioned above, white diamonds of inferior quality are used to make Black Diamonds. These low grade White Diamonds cannot yield anything for the trader. So, the treatment is given to make them Black Diamonds which yields some value to the trader.

Black Diamonds – how grading is done?  
Generally, White Diamonds are graded on the basis of 4c’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Cut is how well stone is crafted for light to pass from it. Clarity is how clear the stone with natural inclusions in it is. Color is how effectively color is spread throughout the gemstone. Carat Weight refers to weight of the stone. Black Diamonds are graded on the basis of their carat weight and cut only. Clarity and color are not applicable because treated jet black color hides almost every inclusion. World famous natural Black Diamonds are Black Star of Africa which weighs 202 carats and the 67.5 carat weigh Black Orlov which once belongs to Russian princess.

Black Diamonds –are they opaque? 
Yes, they are. When light passes through them the black color absorbs the light rather refracting it. They do not sparkle much unlike the White Diamonds. Under normal lighting conditions the color of Black Diamond looks black but it is actually dark green which can be seen under fiber optic light sources.

Black Diamonds –are they in trend?
The most popular demand of jewelry industry today is Black Diamonds. One can add glamour to his or her wardrobe with Black Diamond jewelry. The impeccable combination of White and Black Diamonds jewelry is the year’s main trend. They are just perfect for both men as well as for women. The big black cocktail solitaire ring is women’s favourite while men prefer sleek Black Diamonds studded bands. They are so famous even red carpet celebrities like Carmen Electra received a Black Diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds for sale are available in the market.

Black Diamonds – Choosing a trustworthy vendor?  
Many suppliers of Black Diamonds are available in market. But, Navneet Gems and Minerals are one of the most trustworthy suppliers and manufactures of wholesale Black Diamonds around. Although, we are in this industry only from last 18 years but with the help of our expert technicians and craftsman’s our strong presence has been felt by whole world. We insure a safety proof online buying experience to our customers. We have round, fancy and drop shapes available at our stock. Our skilled craftsmen’s can also make desirable shapes by customer. To check our Black Diamond just go to I am sure you will like most of our Diamonds. To buy, just mail us your requirements at We will surely get back to you within 12 hours. 

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