Dazzling Drusy Quartz for All

Navneet Gems and Minerals is the wholesaler of sugar fine crystals of Drusy Quartz. It is one of the abundant single minerals on earth. Drusy Quartz is not very expensive stone and easily affordable for the common man.

Drusy is made up of clear crystals and its soft and velvety appearance is commonly found on blue and grey Agate. There are many other colors shades like brown, red, yellow and orange are also available but Green Garnet crystals or Brilliant Blue Azurite are rarely found.

The hardness of Drusy Quartz is 7 at the Moh’s scale of hardness. This is the reason that this is best suited for pendants and earrings. It is very easy to use Drusy Quartz because it can be cleaned by warm soapy water and a brush. Drusy Quartz Crystals are associated with peace, intuitions, tranquility, patience and unconditional love.
Not only for gemstone, Drusy is also used as a raw chemical ingredient for abrasives, glass, cements, concrete, porcelain and many other industrial materials. Drusy Quartz is also used in manufacturing of watches, computers, radios and clocks because of its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.

There are two types of Drusy Quartz: Flat Drusy Quartz and Window Drusy Quartz. Flat Drusy Quartz are flat in look but they are gorgeous. Tiny Crystals all around the surface with full coverage are eye catching. Flat Drusy is the most common type of Drusy Quartz Crystals which is used as gemstones. Window Drusy Quartz are quite cheaper than Flat Drusy because of its partial coverage of crystals.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is one of the biggest wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of Drusy Quartz all across the globe. We have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand where we cut and polish rough Drusy Quartz and make them available for our clients. We are the wholesalers and this is the reason that we are the cheapest from all because we save many overheads and that’s why we can provide Drusy Quartz to our customers at wholesale price.
You can visit our vast inventory online and you can contact us via email at info@navneetgems.com 24x7 and send your queries regarding Drusy Quartz. Do not hesitate to ask if you have anything in your mind.

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