Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Know about Semi Precious and Precious Stones

I love wearing gem stones. I like them on my ring and adore them on my neck. As for the price of the gemstones are concerned, we have to come across different types that range from few dollars to thousands of dollars. These gems are worn and liked by the men and women alike. I wonder how to differentiate between the semi-precious stonesand the precious stones so that I don’t pay more than what I am getting. That’s the same case with everyone but finding the real difference could be an uphill and technical task as most of the people don’t even know the names of different gems. So, how could you expect them establishing what is genuine and what is not. 

Now, the internet world has come up with a huge market with semi-precious stones for sale in addition to the precious ones. There are large markets dealing in wholesale semi-precious stones. Finding the difference in both the semi-precious and the precious ones is quite simple. For example, you can’t expect pocketing a beautiful diamond for a few bucks. At the same time, you won’t be ready to buy a topaz for thousands of dollars. Yeah, the difference lies where they come from and whether they are rare or not. All of the stones come from the mines and are mined across the world. 

Let us take a look at some of the semi-precious as well a precious stones. Here we go:
Semi-precious stones
As we talk about these stones, we have topaz in different colors in different shapes, moonstone with beautiful edges, the zircon, the opal, the turquoise, garnet, bloodstone, etc. There are many other gemstones available for sale as well. The jewelers really love these stones because they are quite inexpensive but add to the beauty of the jewelry. Moreover, women and men also love wearing these beautiful pieces of stone. 

Precious Stones
As we talk about the precious and rare stones, the very first one coming to our mind is the diamond, and of course, it should be. Everyone aspires wearing diamonds. Some of the other precious gemstones for sale online as well as offline include the sapphire, rubies and the amethysts. Another addition to the jewelry loved by most of the women around the globe is the pearl which is, although not a stone, but included in the semi-precious stones somehow. No jewelry can sound precious till it holds the pearls.  

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