London, Sky, Swiss Blue Topaz History and Creation

Blue topaz is not a natural Gemstone. Blue Topaz, all its shades, is very rare in nature. By using radiation and heat, this blue color stone is prepared. In Mason County Texas, it was found in a small amount. 

You may ask a simple question that if deposits are of Blue Topaz Gemstones are rare then how need of so many people is fulfilled. Don’t be wonder! Science is working behind it. White topaz or clear color topaz is bombarded with neutrons, gamma rays and electrons to change the color from white to pale blue and dark blue. In the end of procedure, it is heated to stabilize the color. This way it is prepared.

How was Irradiation Discovered, Anyway?
Sir William Crookes first did experiment with diamond. He buried a diamond in powder of radium bromide.  After 16 months, Colorless diamond changed into beautiful shade of green – but very highly radioactive! This process was not for use. After some time this process was enhanced by the United States and was used.

Types of Blue Topaz
Here I am mentioning process of three shades of blue topaz. The darkest color, London Blue Topaz which is prepared by neutron bombardment and then at last, heating to remove any yellowing and stabilize the blue color.  

Sky blue Topaz, a very light blue color is done by a linear accelerator of electrons. It is lightest color of blue. 

Swiss Blue Topaz, both above procedures are used. This color is lighter than London blue and darker than Swiss blue.

Blue Topaz in Culture and Astrology
Topaz is said to be one of the Hindu sacred stones. It helps you enhance your age, give positivity in your life. Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December. It brings prosperity in your life.

Blue Topaz Prices
Best thing about this stone is that price s start from less than 50 cent for a carat. Every size and shape are available at our store in both calibrated and free size.We are selling sizes from 2mm to 12mm in calibrated and Big sizes in free size blue topaz gemstones.

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