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Navneet Gems & Minerals has been a supplier of Swiss Blue Topaz since the early stages of the Commercialization of Irradiated Blue Topaz which took place in around Millenium.

Ups and Downs of the "Blue Topaz Market"

Since these 13 years, there has been lots of ups and downs in the Blue Topaz Industry and yet Navneet Gems & Minerals has crossed all limits of persistence, and maintainence. We have faced the "Blue Topaz crisis" in the 2007, when the US banned Swiss Blue Topaz because of its Nuclear left overs which would be less than 1/1000 th of the effect of a X-ray Scan. During this time the ban meant that all the imports needed an NRC licence which would make it expensive and time consuming. Our company is now facing the Ups in the prices of Blue Topaz because of the shortage of raw material, higher demand from the Asian markets (China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand).

The Manufacturing process of Swiss Blue Topaz by
In the end only two things matter in Gemstones, Quality and price. The price is obviously fixed (Or slightly variable only), depending on how much you buy, the Raw material prices of White topaz can vary 20%-50%, the Treatment prices can vary slightly 10%-20%. Thus in the end, yes price matters but Quality is what matters most. Our Quality is Top Quality, because all of our Cutting, Processing takes place all in Thailand where all the high quality Precious stones cutting, faceting, polishing takes place, so its obvious Thai processing is the one of the worlds' best.


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