Monday, 24 June 2013

Tsavorite- the next Emerald !!

Pyrope, Almandite, Spessartite, Grossularite, Andradite and Uvarovite – what are they? They are six kinds of Garnet. All having the similar crystal structure, but there is little variation in their chemical composition. One of the most rare and expensive of above all kind of Garnet is Tsavorite. Actually, this name is not a gemological name of this stone in fact it is a marketing name. This name was proposed by Henry Platt, former president of Tiffany and Company. It was only this company which firstly discovered Tsavorite in East Africa in the year 1967. This name was derived from Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Tsavorite is a calcium aluminum silicate, a variety of Grossularite Garnet, other varities being hydrogrossular (green), leaco garnet (colorless) and hessonite (brown-red). Here are some remarkable features of Tsavorite which makes it next Emerald.

Color of the stone- Due to presence of traced amounts of chromium and vanadium in calcium aluminum silicate, the color of Tsavorite ranges from sprinkle green, an intense blue green to dark forest green. The availability of Tsavorite in various shades of green makes it a perfect substitute of Emerald.

Limited available resources- Tsavorite gemstones deposits by far are only found in Kenya and Tanzania of East Africa and most recently in Madagascar in the year 1991. The rare available resources have been complimented as an additional plus point to Tsavorite. In fact, studies have proven that Tsavorites are 200 times rarer then Emeralds.

High-refractive index- The refractive index of the Garnets including Tsavorite is 1.734 which is even higher than that of Emerald 1.596. This adds a unique brilliance to the stone. Some old legends believe that Garnet is very difficult to hide in clothes even because of its sparkles.

No enhanced treatments- All Emeralds in the market today are treated with oil or resins to fill their internal fractures while, Tsavorite does not require any enhancement treatments.

 Perfect hardness- Both gemstones has been rated 7.5 on Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness, this makes them perfect option for day-to-day wear.

Reasonable Prices – This gemstone is relatively a young gemstone in the industry. Most people do not even know about its existence. This makes its price relatively low then of Emeralds.

In trend – The trend of using Tsavorite in jewellery has been increasing. There is a great demand of this beautiful stone in countries like United States of America and in some European countries like Turkey etc.

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