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Buy Wholesale Gems and Wholesale Gemstones from the best online store. Yes!! Navneet Gems and Minerals offers all the precious as well as semi-precious gemstones for sale. We offer quality products at competitive prices. Our prices are definitely less than from the market. We have big jewelry houses, manufacturing units around the world as our prominent clients.

A gem or gemstone is a mineral, which can be cut and polished and can be set in any type of jewelry. Rarity is one of the major characteristic which determines the price of the gemstones. Wholesale Gems and Wholesale Gemstones can be broadly classified into Precious and Semi-Precious gemstones. Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald are the examples of Precious and Garnet, Peridots, Chyrophase, Carnelian, Turquoise, Topaz and many more are examples of Semi-Precious ones. According to Hindu astrology, each gemstone represents particular planet. The wearer will be blessed with the powers of the planet.

We at Navneet Gems, assures following  distinctive features in comparison to our competitors:

·100% Natural – All our Gemstones are 100% natural. Our Rough Analyst team travel all around the World to collect natural rough.

·Right Price – High quality with competitive prices is company’s one of the principal. We are the wholesale suppliers of gemstones directly to retailers thus, eliminating the wholesaler’s margin. Our prices are 20-40% less then our competitors.

·Certified and Real –We provide certificates of genuine quality with each of our sale and that guarantee is valid all round the Globe.

·100% Replacement Warranty – Customer is master of any business and if the customer is not satisfied with our products we are incorporated with 100% replacement warranty system.

 Who doesn’t want to avail these wonderful benefits along with their purchase?? I am sure everyone wants to. Just Visit NavneetGems.com  to book your order. We will shortly get back to you.

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