You Cannot Stop Yourself Buying Drusy Quartz!!

Drusy Quartz is one of the most stunning among Quartz Family. People love to buy it for many purposes. Would you like to know about Drusy Quartz before buying it? You should have some knowledge about the Quartz so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

As the many gemstones, Drusy Quartz is not associated with any month as a birthstone and particular zodiac sign. Even people are not 100% agreed about the origin of the name Quartz. The hardness of Drusy Quartz is 7 at the Moh scale of hardness. It is best suited for pendants, earrings and brooches.

We have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand where our expert craftsmen shape Drusy Quartz beautifully for our customers. They use advance tools and machineries to cut and polish them.

You can buy Drusy Quartz at wholesale prices from us by writing an email to us at and place your order. We do not sell online to avoid high expensive overheads. We are wholesalers and this is the reason why we do not sell online because online selling is a retail business.
You can save a good amount, approx 30-40%, by buying Drusy Quartz from us. We are the direct importer of Quartz and carve them in our manufacturing units. You can visit our vast inventory online and choose the best product for you. Available variety of Drusy Quartz Stones at our place is Window Drusy Quartz and Flat Drusy Quartz.

Flat Drusy Quartz is flat in look but they are gorgeous. Tiny Crystals all around the surface with full coverage are eye catching. Flat Drusy is the most common type of Drusy Quartz Crystals which is used as gemstones. Window Drusy Quartz is quite cheaper than Flat Drusy because of its partial coverage of crystals. This stone is found in an eye dazzling assortment of vibrant colors and combinations. Loose Drusy Quartz is available at our store in huge stock.

Rose Quartz and Mystic Quartz are also available at our store. These tiny Drusy Quartz Stones are most desirable semi precious stones in the market which are used in Belt buckles, Dress add-ons, hair clips, etc.

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