Are you considering opening up a Gemstone Factory?

No one on this Earth has stayed untouched with the glitters of Gems. Check out this interesting graph showing rise in Gemstones prices in last few years.

Amazingly, gems has faced huge price rise from year 2000, especially Ruby. Wondering “Why Gemstone Prices are Rising?” check out my previous post for answer of this question. This post is particularly for all those passionate people out-there who want to set-up a Gemstone Factory.  I really respect those people who are really intersected in such complex field. We all know that before actually starting something huge like Gemstone Factory we should do analysis and planning. So, just as an advisor here are few checklist steps you should keep up in your mind while seting up a Gemstone Factory.

Step 1: Search for the perfect place to set up your manufacturing unit, like open place, suitable for gem cutting, easily reachable by suppliers, gemstone manufacturing environment for labors. Also, a place where noise pollution of gem cutting machine does not disturbs common people of your country. 
Set-up your Gemstone Factory
Step 2: Remember any company name becomes brand name because of their employees and workers. So, start recruiting skilled man-power to manage your machines from offices, including gem cutter labors, machine operators, Engineers etc. With the increase in prices of Gemstones demand, demand of skilled gemstone manufacturing experts are also increasing.
Recruit skilled man-power
Step 3: While building your man-power, start placing order and importing machineries from Europe and America as machine from these countries are considered as reliable name in Gemstone Industry. Of course these machines are expensive and you can also go for Chinese made machines but they are not reliable and gets breakdown very frequently. You need to be well planned all these processes as machineries are imported using ships. It is very slow process and takes a very long time.
Import expensive Machinery
Step 4: After setting up and ready, start by motivating your complete Gemstone Factory team and conduct training sessions if required.

Motivate your Team
Step 5: As there are many opportunities for Gemstone Factories and when you will be well-equipped with your home-work and all other information like from where you will get raw materials, contacts with trustworthy dealers.
Built Trust Bond between you, your Suppliers, and your Dealers
Step 6: Start building your clients and start taking orders, start rolling in gemstone market. Your gemstones quality and number of clients will increase with your rising experience curve lowering down your investment cost.
Your Happy Customers
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