Who is a Gemstone dealer?

“Gemstone Dealer” what does it means? Who they are? Why they have opted for this profession? If all gems are having psychic powers then why don’t these gemstone dealers use gems for themselves?
Well, I am damn sure that curious people like me love to poke their noses in all such creepy stuffs. Hahaha. That was cute. Well, jokes apart do you know who these gemstones dealers are?  You have your comment box to post your views but let me portray the inventive image of gemstone dealers that I have.

Dream Sellers. You got me right, if you ask me; Gemstone dealer are those who build bridge between you and your dreams. In India, the divine soil of religion, the country where people have more belief on astrologers than their destiny. Astrologers have solution of any problem and they suggest them to wear one magical stone to get rid of your problems. Even Egypt’s Cleopatra was a strong lover and believer of invincible power of gemstones. And, if you turn around the pages of history you will get multitude of examples of gemstones sagas.
In that case, Gemstone dealers are the archangels on earth who are really working hard to provide you your unique and special dream-stone to fulfill all your desires. Well, we all know about angels, check out who are archangels. (extra information). Actually, few bright minds believe that:

Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”  J.P. Morgan

What Gemstone dealers do? They are ghost riders who keep hunting for best quality gems from all around the world and take them to other gemstone experts to carefully examine its quality and finely polish it to generate fine polished charms to spark up your dreams.

Where you can find these species? Come on! They are humans only just like us and are easily found in any country and reachable for all gems lovers.

Do Gemstones are really powerful? Well answer is yes actually a huge Yes. Because even experts first suggest a user to test a gem by tighten it in his wrist because if a gem brings good luck to one then it can actually destroy someone’s life also if it is wrongly worn. OMG!

Don’t worry about it.

Some people ask me. Suggest us some trustworthy gemstone dealer and I suggest them to give a shot to Navneet gems. Well, it is a Thai-Indian company working consistently to boost up your dreams. They are the market leader wholesale, manufacturer, and suppliers of gemstones.

Signing-off for today. Till then keep dreaming.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” James Dean

Don’t forget to post your definition of Gemstone dealer in the comments.
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