Green Tourmaline shades and Smart Buying

Why Tourmaline is called "Gemstone of the Rainbow"?
If you are thinking of colors then Tourmaline is obvious thing that come in your head. It is said when it was coming up from the Earth's center, it passed the Rainbow. This is the reason of calling "Gemstone of the rainbow" so it is available in Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Colorless, Multi, Bi-color etc.

"Verdelite"- Another name of Green Tourmaline -

In all these Green Tourmaline is considered the most beautiful and vibrant Color. In this color also there are different shades like light, dark, medium green etc. Best Shade is Green-bottle colored. It is also called by "Verdelite".
Shades of Green Tourmaline

People mostly call it "Brazilian Green Tourmaline", it never means that this color only comes in Brazil. It means best shade (Bottle-Green) comes from brazil, other shades of this color also comes from Africa. It is not an easy task to find a Verdelite without Inclusion, Good Color and Transparency. 

Smart Buying of buyer-
 Most of Jewelers, Green Tourmaline buyers prefer to buy Big Lot of Tourmaline Gems from a Single Wholesale Green Tourmaline Supplier instead of buying single stones from various Suppliers, 

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Green Tourmaline
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Wholesale Green Tourmaline
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Different shades of Green Tourmaline
Different shades of Green Tourmaline

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