Emerald - Precious Gemstone Photography

There is a way to make Precious and Expensive Gemstones to make them look more precious. The way is to use "soft" materials which are usually used in weddings etc. If someone to was to market Engagement rings you wont use Hot models to represent that, instead use these Soft materials surrounded with the Gemstone itself. The Gemstone itself gives them a feel a white ness, pureness, and uniqueness.

Here are some of the photos I took on a sunday afternoon of this beautiful Emerald Cabochon that weighs around 5 carats, Oval shape. Good transparency, but some inclusions and light color makes it look like Columbian Emerald.

By: www.navneetgems.com

The Emerald is still growing .. and in real you need oil to cultivate it. :)
A great way to visualize what a ring with Emerald cabochon would look like.
Emeralds dont grow on trees ;)

Emerald Gemstone on the soap? Everyone wants cleanliness.

During the dark, when the Emerald starts its magic..

The way to propose your loved one using an expensive stone. I think its romantic.