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Rutile Quartz in Black, Brown, Cooper and Yellow Color

Catch Rutile Quartz Manufacturer and Supplier of Black, Brown, Yellow, Cooper and other Colors

Rutile Quartz is one of those natural stones that comes in many colors, like Black, Yellow, Brown and Cooper.

Magical needles or hair of Rutile Quartz
When you see this stone then it seems like magical needles inside the stone. Many of our new buyers who see this stone first time ask us, Is it natural? and this question is obvious to put because of its special and unique appearance.

Have a look of Wholesale Golden and Black Rutile Quartz, Rutile Cabochons 
Wholesale Black rutile
Black Rutile Quartz
Yellow rutile quartz
Yellow Rutile Quartz
Wholesale Rutile Cabochons
Rutile Quartz Cabochons

Rutile Quartz Pair set
Rutilated Quartz Pair set for Earrings
Brazil is a big hub for Rutile Quartz's raw material. Normally Quality is judged by needles arrangement and numbers inside the stone. If needles are properly arranged and clearly visible and full loaded then it is called Top Quality of Rutile Quartz.

Current market updates of Rutile Quartz
Wholesale Black Rutile Market is quite high now a days because of being favorite choice of Jewelry designers of the United States. Black Color in Rutile is hard to see in market because of increasing demand.
Catch us to buy Rutile Quartz in any shapes and sizes. Our starting price for Rutile Quartz is 0.07$/Carat.


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