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Why source Semi precious stones at wholesale for your Jewellery, Designs, Reselling.

Retail is no fun if that is your main business right? Its time to source Semi precious stones at wholesale quantity and prices, otherwise you cannot survive. If you think you can survive by buying Gemstones from JTV and selling them to your clients then forget it. You cannot buy from a retailer and sell to retail clients. Semi precious gemstones dont have too much variation in their prices and quality, the prices are known to the basic audience because of online prices of Semi precious gems available. 

When you are designing jewellery, creating your designs, or reselling gemstones, you need Semi precious gemstones at a great price to assist you in this tough market to sell them easily. Wholesale semi precious stones is what we specialize selling in, from our Indian factory that produces many varieties of this category of gemstones.

What are Semi precious stones?

Semi precious stones are gemstones that are "semi precious" or partly precious but not too expensive. There is no precise clarification of which gemstone comes under the category Semi precious and which ones are Precious. For example: Tourmaline was originally classified as Semi precious to keep its prices down and they were done, but now they are "really high" and have sky rocketed, and I dont know if it would still be considered Semi precious?

What is so special about Semi precious gemstones?

Semi precious gemstones are quite a special category. Our company and our team doesnt work in this category because its profitable, its infact the least profitable. But its because of the "fun" there is this gemstone. Have a look at the creative gemstones in the Semi precious wholesale category - can you find such a thing in expensive Precious gemstones?

Natural Blue Obsidian - Its not Expensive Aquamarine :)
Carving in Semi precious gemstones - can you do this in Precious gemstones? NO.

Creative Cabochons
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