The top 3 gemstones to use in your next Cocktail ring collection.

Are you a Jeweller, a store, a Jewellery wholeseller looking to launch your next best collection of Cocktail rings for the new Christmas season?

It is very important to understand today's situation when it comes to Gemstones. And I personally dont feel the importance of using high end gemstones like Sapphires which cost 50 grand for an exclusive Cocktail ring when you can use a Tourmaline, Amethyst or Kunzite for an amazing cost point of view. But those are not the stones we would talk about here, because I have below created the best Colored Gemstones that target different types of moods of women while wearing a Cocktail ring.

1. The color of the year - Royal orchid, makes Amethyst our #1 gemstone for royal classy cocktail gemstone rings. If the women is feeling "Classy" or "Royal" - Use Amethyst in your Ring collections. Purple has always been the color of the royal, the highness, the elite, the high class. African Amethyst cocktail rings will make the men fall in love with the classy-ness of the figure, the aura that comes out of the Cocktail ring with Amethyst. Its just going to look so classy on those women who want to feel this way. Dive in the ocean of power and rinse away all your weakness by wearing this elegant Amethyst cocktail ring as one of the top 3 colored gemstone rings you could use to sell to your clients.
Classy Amethyst (African) cocktail ring for elite look

One of our clients ordered African Amethyst Cushion in 18 mm size, this is how her ring looked.
2. JP Morgan bank did one thing that was amazing for our Jewellery industry, gave birth to the Amazing Morganites (Peach) ones. Even though the Pink morganites are rare as the production has shut down. Morganite wearers are going to be trendy, if your store brings in alot of women who are young and trendy, (You dont have to young to be trendy but thats just a trend), then Morganite gemstone should be in your next collection of Gemstones so you can make huge Cocktail rings out of it. Not just trendy, but they are also inexpensive, Navneet Gems & Minerals has given birth to some of the most biggest Morganite gemstones that you may have ever soon. Oh I remember, here is a picture on this page where you can see 4 HUGE morganite gemstones that we had cut, (the picture is old and not very well taken) but these morganites come around 50$/carat upto 200$/carat and can get very pretty with bigger sizes as there seems to be more color in Morganites (Psychological) -

Lastly, I personally love this color because of the resemblance of Fine Padparadscha sapphire that are so expensive in the market (Almost unaffordable) and so use Morganite instead, just make sure your supplier makes it fine cut, or you could always come to us to get Fine morganites.

Classy Morganite ring - trendy and young.

Classic Cushion cut makes these Morganites just beautiful innit?
3. Lastly, but this doesnt mean that is last, is our Swiss blue topaz. This color of Topaz has always caught my to its brilliance. Being the pioneers in Swiss blue topaz, we completely understand what it is to wear a Swiss blue topaz cocktail ring.

Oval in Swiss blue topaz may not be the new Cushion, but its the clasic Oval that sells really well, atleast for us. Cushions however are the latest shape that has taken off because of its sharpness and uniqueness.
These are our top 3 collections of Loose Colored gemstone cockail rings. Colors are very much the new trend, if you want to go with the expensive Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, thats upto you. But I am just saying that the future of these inexpensive stones are quite bright because of their under exposure of prices, under marketed stones, and un discovered beauty of these Semi precious gems yet very precious in terms of their colors, I mean can you find any Colored gemstone that resemblence this fine piece of Swiss blue topaz above? Paraiba yes at $30,000 a carat. Give these gemstones a thought and I have done research and all our 3rd generation business experience to put this collection in.

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