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Tourmaline Cabochons - Supplier, Prices, Wholesale, Qualities, everything you need to know.

What are Tourmaline Cabochons?

Tourmaline cabochons are one of the most important type of gemstone in todays market. We say this because Tourmaline comes in all colours and this is the only gemstone that can complete mass production orders for 925 silver or fashion jewellery. Tourmaline is a variety that consists of all the different hues, saturations, colours of the rainbow. This makes this gemstone very special. Tourmaline comes from Brazil and from Nigeria recently. Tourmaline has not had a great "global" history but with the Chinese yes it has. In the early 1950's the Chinese queen had workers working in the Lithium stuart mine in CA. The workers would ask the American mine owners to give them this gemstone for free instead of any salary, and they would be very happy because it was abundant. They then sent it over to the Chinese queen and became rich over months. This was how the history years ago about Tourmaline formed. Now tourmaline has a long way to go into the future, it just started.

What quality do Tourmaline Cabochons come in?

As you will be able to see in the pictures we will post here on this blogpost, you will understand that there are many different qualities in Tourmaline that we can produce. We mainly produce the good vibrant colors of Tourmaline which are Pink tourmaline neon, Indicolite, Chrome, some Paraiba tourmaline cabochons and some Multi colored tourmaline cabochons. But some of the multi colors can get very dull. 

The quality of tourmaline we produce on paper (This will help you order with us)
  • First quality AAA tourmaline cabochons are almost eye clean but will still have inclusions, thats why they are cut into cabochons in the first place.
  • Second quality AA tourmaline cabochons are included with the eye, 30% approx of the tourmaline piece will be included with crystals, needles, abrasions inside (not on surface), this quality is considerable cheaper than AAA. Price drops to around half compared to AAA quality of these tourmalines.
  • Last and the lowest quality of tourmaline cabochons are the most inexpensive cabochon quality you can find. These are available in bulk in the market and go for much less per carat price. We can supply this quality as low as 0.50$ per carat. They are included upto 80% of the piece.

Different colors of Tourmaline cabochons you can find in todays marketplace.

Pink tourmaline Cabochons are the top sellers in 2014

Green Tourmaline - another hot seller
Multi tourmaline cabochons give all colors from the rainbow

Who buys Tourmaline Cabochons in Wholesale?

Whether you have an etsy store, or an online E commerse setup, or an Investor, or a Wholesale manufacturer of Jewellery. Whatever the reason is you are reading this blogposts, then you may source these Cabochons from us. However its very important to understand what target market and what reasons behind your buying of these tourmaline cabochons at wholesale. For example, if you are an investor, you should NOT invest in A quality, but surely in AAA as these are more rare and always go up in price, or atleast have a chance.

So it becomes quite important for Tourmaline cabochons to be sold, and more importantly they are bought by different groups of people for different reasons. Recently one of my friend ordered Rings from me in different colors. When she wears blue, should be wear a contrasting and matching colored tourmaline ring that she ordered like Indicolite cabochon ring that she had. The price point and the fact that tourmaline comes in so many different colors make these tourmaline cabochons the most attractive and bought gemstone.

Do Tourmaline Cabochons have astrological benefits?

When the queen of China ordered her workers in the Stuart Lithium mines, there was a reason behind she did so? Of course she had a reason behind it. And it had to have an astrological purpose behind it and so it did. Pink tourmaline is known to cure all troubles that the Queen had in her era of regime when she concurred and took care of the Chinese empire. People also believed that the Queen fell in love with Pink tourmaline, not just Cabochons but rough itself and she would keep these Pink tourmaline as she wanted to be the only women in China to have all the tourmaline. Ofcourse that didnt happen. But she did become the strongest Queen China ever had, who knows how these Pink tourmalines helped her gain the powers she did? So we believe, just like how Crystal quartz, other quartz and semi precious stones had an effect on the lives of people, similarly, Tourmaline also did.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October babies and is known to have "Electric powers" and "Magical powers" as I now researched about them on the internet a little. So is your business or jewellery store focused on Birthstone customers? Well, Tourmaline is probably your next best bet, especially if they are price sensitive, Cabochons make an excellent buy for you, get them at wholesale today from us.

Prices of Tourmaline Cabochons at wholesale with Navneet Gems.

Prices of Tourmaline cabochons were NOTHING in the 1950's. Even until the earlier 21st century, Tourmaline cabochons would maximum touch 5$ per carat but now the market has seen a huge demand from the Asian markets, because of the effects it can have on peoples energy levels and also as an Investment. It has now nearly touched 200$ per carat for top quality gemstones. And Indicolites can go even higher.

Price ranges for Freesize (Single stone) Tourmaline cabochons:
  • Pink tourmalines- 5$ per carat - 50$ per carat, depending on how you buy. Email at to find out more.
  • Indicolite tourmaline cabs - 10$ per carat upto 100$ per carat, clean stones are rare in the Indicolite (Blue-green) cabochons. Email at to find out more.
  • Green (Chrome Tourmaline) - 5$ per carat - 30$ per carat, Email at to find out more.
  • Multi tourmaline cabochons start at 1$ per carat upto 5$ per carat with less than 20% of Pink cabochons and then less than 20% of Green tourmaline cabochons.

Photos of Tourmaline Cabochons from our company

AA quality of Tourmaline multi colored stones

With love from Navneet Gems to you ;)

Some mixed colored cabochons 
Now how beautiful are thee Green tourmalines?

Videos of Tourmaline Cabochons

Coming up soon!

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