Blue Sapphire rings from red carpets, engagements to daily use as astrology purpose

We are not only saying the story of elegant blue sapphire rings but also red carpet celebs dazzle the beauty of this stone. We are going to show famous celebrities who wore blue sapphire gemstone and some of them wear it on daily basis.

1. Penelope Cruz was purposed by Javier Bardem by blue sapphire corn flower color engagement ring with 3 carats stone, she has been spotted many times wearing that ring -

2. Bollywood star Amitabh bacchan wears blue sapphire ring on daily basis, some sources says that they wear it as astrological purpose.

3. Elizabeth Hurley purposed by cricketer Shane warne by octagon ring worth thousand dollars.

4. This is not new in trend, trend of blue sapphire has always been consistent and popularity of this stone has never diminished. Napolean gifted pear shape stones ring to his future wife in 1796 and in recent auction it was sold at 9,50,000 USD that was very high than expected price.

5. Famous footballer David gifted big size blue sapphire round ring to his wife Victoria Beckham on engagement -

There are many other celebs who wear blue sapphire 1 carat, 2 carats, 3 carats rings, earrings and pendants. We have in our collection here are brief details of available stone, every piece of ours in certified -
  • 6.80 carat Cushion shaped – Loupe clean stone
  • 5.10 carat Oval shaped – Loupe clean stone – Unheated
  • 3.96 carat Marquise shaped – Loupe clean stone – Unheated
  • 4.08 carat Cushion shaped – Slight included – heated – Cornflower blue color
  • 3.13 carat Royal blue cushion shaped – Eye clean – Heated stone
WHY you should choose us if you want to buy loose blue sapphire gemstones at wholesale prices?

Experience and excellence -  Myself Navneet Agarwal is a gemologist from GIA, California and I have been in this market for a long time and now I can easily judge a gemstone value in just value minutes and it helps my company NavneetGems in choosing the right stones for selling. We don't run million dollar website and do not add the cost of our high expenses in cost of the stones like other supplier who fake promise to provide wholesale price. 

2. Reliable source - Every piece of ours is certified from GRS (Reputed lab) and we show video, pictures from different angles to show our buyer the quality of stone.

3. Wholesale prices - We buy raw material straight from Ceylon, Madagascar and other origins and cut in our factory situated in Thailand. We mostly deal in royal blue, corn flower blue color that are most appreciated colors, Check on our official website for more detail about all available blue sapphire stones.

4. Know everything before you buy - When heating treatment is processed then color and visible rutile removes, we disclose everything before selling to our customers to build a trust that is very important, here is the picture of before and after heating -
Open in new tab to have a close look of before and after heating chart


  1. Well your information is quiet interesting. Can you provide some more information like which origin's Blue Sapphire is best and are there any harmful effects of wearing it ?

    Cushion Blue Sapphires

  2. There aren't any harmful effects of blue sapphires. I know you might be interested in the astrological purpose of the stones but as much as I have heard that sapphires are safe. If you want more information about the origin of blue sapphire, please read


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