Wholesale Drusy Quartz – the new trend

What is Drusy quartz?
Drusy quartz is a very simple product that started since the ages of the Egyptians. But since then this product has changed quite a lot. The American consumer used to use Drusy quartz agate geodes, which would be chunks of rock with a type of quartz, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Citrine or the very famous Crystal quartz geode. Now coming back to the actual questions, which is “What actually is the definition of Drusy quartz in 2014?” 

Drusy quartz is basically agate at the bottom, which is an inexpensive natural semi precious gemstone, which comes from the manufacturing of a simple colored agate. The natural crystals from a geode are extracted from a process in which the natural crystals of crystal quartz are scooped out and the flat areas of the geode are cut out separately. This scooped out area is what makes the area that is the top part of drusy quartz. The agate, which is manufacturer into a flat piece of stone, is glued with a permanent process. The finer the crystals of the crystal geode from which that drusy was extracted, the higher the sparkle is and the finer the end stone which is Drusy quartz is formed. The process does not end there. Yes, some manufacturers sell this Natural drusy colored stone, which is Crystal quartz crystals and agate at the bottom, but to make it more attractive, we, or even other manufacturers put a titanium coating on these White colored drusy crystals. This color’s these Drusy with this CVD (Vaporization process) into colors of choice. Most stones in the market are coated using the titanium process, but others are using Dying, bleaching and other processes, which aren’t very durable. The gold-coated drusy quartz and the Silver coated drusy quartz – we use the titanium coating but we use the actual metal (melted gold or silver) to coat them onto the Drusy quartz.

This is the process and what exactly is Drusy quartz - which our company Navneet Gems and Minerals makes at wholesale, you may contact us at info@navneetgems.com or read more here: Everything you need to know about drusy quartz

Why to source Drusy quartz from a manufacturer like us?
Drusy quartz is a very difficult stone to manufacture. It is of utmost importance for the Drusy crystals to shine and for that to happen the crystals should be scooped and extracted very carefully in order to achieve drusy quartz quality like below. This was one of the finest drusies we extracted and you can see why – clearly.

Our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals is a manufacturer of Drusy quartz in our factory in Bangkok – our quality is superior and is very high quality. The reason is because to produce drusy requires patience and very big cost and transport consideration. When sourcing drusy in a large bulk order – how importance is it that your suppliers understand the importance of quality? It is very important – especially if you are looking to launch your drusy at a level where the brand image is very important and to companies that it is very important, you should consider ordering from a company that is professional, gives good communication, interprets quality/information right and most importantly stands on the quality that they promise. Our quality chart below and color charts clearly explain what these drusies look like, the difference in quality.

Qualities in Drusy quartz
There are two factors when understand quality of the Drusy quartz you are sourcing at wholesale.

1    Crystal size & Consistency in height of the stones

Both these factors in factor #1 are the same as they are related to each other. If the crystals are large, this would mean that the crystals would look inconsistent with its other crystals around it, so all crystals should be very small and good shape for the Drusy to sparkle and because it sparkles is why the Drusy sells.

2   Consistency in color.

The more consistent the color, the more chances of the drusy to be looking like its higher quality. When these drusies are set into Bracelets or even Pendants with the same color in that piece of jewellery, it becomes very important for the drusies to be color matched, otherwise they can go through very easy distinction as “low quality” drusy jewellery.

3    Sparkle.

Sparkle becomes the main selling point for Drusy, yes of course because its natural it’s selling but the main reason is because of its sparkle. Why do diamonds sell? One reason is because they sparkle. (Because they are the hardest substance on earth and it shows a good polish) The sparkle comes surely because of the other factors that are present here like consistency with color, crystal size, consistency in height -  and all these come together to create the sparkle in these drusy stones which are available at wholesale with us.

Sizes/Shapes in Drusy quartz
The sizes and shapes in Drusy quartz is not a big factor because the shapes most commonly used are Rounds and Ovals – unless it’s a fancy jewellery.
The reason being that Rounds and Ovals are always the most simplest, the most liked, the most basic shape that also proves to give good luck to the wearer of these natural crystals produced by mother earth.

Delivery of orders for Wholesale drusy quartz

The delivery of orders of drusy can be a challenging task especially when creating and maintain quality that is promised by us. This happens with natural drusy because the extraction process is not easy when the rough drusy is manufactured into flat drusy quartz at wholesale.

Typical delivery time for Drusy quartz:

10 days – 500 pcs – 1000 pcs
 2 weeks – 1000 pcs+

Color chart of Drusy quartz

Types of Drusy
High quality Window Drusy - very fine crystal size and thus this
will be considered into AAA quality.

There are two types of Drusy available for purchase. The first type is Window Drusy – which is a drusy in which the drusy is cut out to have a window of agate outside the drusy and at the bottom as well. This means that the drusy that does not have flat crystals is made into Window drusy and the ones with flat drusy crystals would be manufactured into Wholesale Flat drusy.