When could someone gift gemstones as a gift to someone special?

Loose Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry can be the most unique gifts for your loved ones. They are not meant as great gifts just for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, but they also make a great way just to remember and celebrate a graduation, new job, retirement, birth of a child, annual holiday or simple to say your lover I Love You.

Your gift for your loved ones need not to have expensive but it has to be precious and treasurable. The dazzling precious or semi-precious stone will surely brings smile and sparkle in the eyes of gift receiver. To make your gemstone gift more unique, you can share the gemstone meaning with the other person and let them know how much you love and care about them.

Top 5 Reasons for Gemstones being an excellent gift options:

1.Gemstones are Natural Healers:  Colored Gemstones as a gift are the best reflectors of sentiments, emotions and ever-lasting love. Gemstones are known to have a lot of different healing powers and effects to its wearer. From ancient Mayans and Hebrews times, gemstones are associated with various healing powers and healing rituals. Say for an example, Emeralds has been associated with unconditional, love, loyalty and faithfulness and suggested to the couples to enhanced strong relationships.

2. Gemstones are Ever-Lasting Gift: Gemstones are long-lasting. They resist to normal day wear and tear. Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you saw you’re loved-ones wear a gemstone jewelry gifted by you!! Moreover, that person will always thinks of you and will love you more every time he or she wears your gift.

3. Gemstones color to compliment the wearer: Colored gemstones come with infinite number of color options. Even, some gemstones are known to highlight the wearer’s eye color. If the recipient of gemstone jewelry has dark brown eyes then Emerald, Amethyst, Turquoise and Coral will enhance the dark color of their eyes. For hazel eyes- amberish color and blue eyes will be highlighted best by brown-gold color gemstones.

4. Gemstones provide maximum benefit to the wearer: When Zodiac Gemstones, Birthstones, Wedding Anniversaries Gemstones are gifted to right person at the right time, it will surely creates wonders in their life.
Birthstones month by month 
Wedding anniversary stones
Customised Jewelry
5. Gemstones have many customized jewelry options: The range of options available to make customized jewelry is limitless. Many types of gemstone jewelry can be made out of loose gemstones like ring, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, body piercing and many more. Gemstone strands are also very popular.

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List of some gemstones known for their Mystical Properties:

1. Amethyst -
•Deep, rich purple colored gemstone
•Known as the up-lifting and spirituality stone.
•Reduces anger and impatience of the wearer.

2. Aquamarine
•Greenish-blue colored gemstone.
•Helps in aiding communication and enhances the ability for rapid response.
•Protects immune system and heart of the wearer.

3. Carnelian
•Orangish-red colored gemstone.
•Energizes circulation system, kidneys, sexuality and emotions.
•May provide success to college students by increasing their desire to success and assertiveness.

4. Citrine
•Medium deep shade of golden-yellow colored gemstone.
•Helps in aiding digestion, food disorders and allergies.
•Promotes self-discipline, will power and optimism.

5. Coral
•Orange colored Gemstone
•Use of Coral can strengthen spinals and muscles.
•Removes obstacles in the way of fortune of the wearer.

6. Blue Topaz
•Color ranges between light blue to electric blue.
•Promotes fidelity and integrity.
•Perfect gift for someone who is celebrating something new, bringing creativity and courage.

7. Emerald
•Normal to deep green and bluish-green gemstone.
•Stimulates healthier respiratory system.
•Best gift to pregnant women as it will ease the pain of childbirth.

8. Diamond
•Symbol of Love.
•Increases trust and confidence of a relationship.
•Someone who is falling in love can be gifted Diamond to enhance strength and positive attitudes.

9. Ruby
•Red to pinkish-red colored gemstone.
•Symbol of deep and passionate love.
•Believed to give off energies to fight with menstruation pain and impotency.

10. Moonstone
•The rainbow hue of Moonstone signifies new beginnings.
•One who is trying to make up with someone can gift Moonstone.

11. Lapis Lazuli
• Intense Blue color.
• Enhances wisdomness and awareness and promotes harmony in relationships.

12. Jade
•Promotes harmony, generosity and emotional balance.
•Best gift for birthdays as the wearer of Jade will be bestowed by long life.

13. Rose Quartz
•Pink color gemstone.
•Perfect gift for someone you love.


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  2. Very, very helpful and informative. I never realized how amazing of a gift they can be...and you're right, they need to be overly expensive.

    1. Correct! But I think inexpensive gifts can also be the way to go! It is the thought and the feelings that count. :)


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