Unofficial trafficking of rubies rough

All precious stones and medium priced stones (Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Peridot etc.) are unofficially supplied from one country to another country. Burma and Thailand are neighboring countries and big amount of rubies from Mogok and Mong Shu (regions in Burma) are trafficked in Thailand by unofficial ways where cutting, polishing (final production) takes place. Refugees sometimes use unofficial river crossings to get into Thai border. They risk their life to save tax charged on rubies rough.

Here is a chart explaining ruby from mining to selling of finished goods. - Mogok and Mong shu are situated in Myanmar (Burma) and Bangkok and Chataburi are situated in Thailand.
- Mae Sot and Mae Sai are situated in middle on both countries.

It is very difficult to judge by eyes and tell its origin and many smugglers takes advantage of it. They mix Burma rubies and rubies from other origin and sell mix lot unofficially to a buyer.  Few experts know some ways to check the quality and origins.