Manufacturer of White topaz: The lower end inexpensive diamond alternative?

In this short article about manufacturer of white topaz like us, we'll explain the diamonds' intrinsic value, we will discuss about the importance of hardness in gemstones, and lastly about us being one of the most important "manufacturer of wholesale white topaz" from Bangkok, Thailand.

People in the coloured gemstones business don't have a "thing" for diamonds. We really don't, neither do I, neither do the people working in our company. The reason is we see so many coloured gemstones around us everyday, we never get fascinated by plain white. We see it as a colourless stone, sorry for fella's who love Diamonds, but we are not a big fan.

One of the reasons is also the high marketed price of these Diamonds. And why not, when we deal with stones like White topaz (Hardness of 7 on Mohs scale), which are super inexpensive, how are we going to love Diamonds? In our minds, this fact that 1 carat Diamonds may cost upto $15,000 for the buyer, where as a 1 carat White topaz (Giving the same look) may cost just $1.5. We totally are in love with Topaz.

The hardness

When we see Diamond's marketed as "forever" and "the most expensive" gemstone, we'd see that Topaz is not a soft stone at all. Because of the hardness of White topaz, we get really nice polish and facetting on this beautiful colourless stone, which comes dirty in nature (Unclean), and human hands saw the unclean part of the rough out to get to the public the beautiful clean topaz we see in the market.

Interestingly enough, white topaz is a more consumed gemstone in terms of carats compared to Diamonds. The reason? The price range. Small sized White topaz pieces may cost you $0.30/piece. Yes, PER PIECE! Compared to the diamonds of the same size, lets say at least x100. With this big price difference, what are you going to choose?

Your ultimate complete source for Topaz

Now, if you have reached this blogpost and are now wishing that you would have a reliable source of white topaz stones. Well, here we are. Navneet Gems and Minerals specialise in white topaz wholesale. We are your manufacturer of white topaz, from Bangkok. We have a cutting factory located in China for the small sized white topaz. So if you need those "small size white topaz china made" then well look no further.

Our First Advert Navneet made back in 2006

Not only are we carrying a large variety of white topaz in the smaller mile sizes like 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.75 mm, 2 mm and so on, we also do a lot of larger sizes of white topaz.

Since we are a White topaz manufacturer, we have rough from all sizes graded, between 1-2 grams, 2-3 grams, 3-5 grams, 5-9 grams, 9-15 grams and then the largest sizes 15 grams and above. Let me explain the type of orders we get for wholesale white topaz from our customers regularly: Most things that are not available with whole sellers in white topaz in Bangkok, like Cushion 12 mm 1000 pieces. That is a very popular shape that we are getting regular orders of white topaz in. The reason that this shape people don't keep stock. Sometimes we get inquired about Briolettes, Cabochons and Fancy millennium cut. 

One of our factory in jaipur manufacturers Wholesale White topaz stones in loose form at quantities of 2,000 pieces per day of preforms. Most of the cutting of our stones take place in our headquarter factory, in Bangkok, where cutting and polish is superior to any place in the world, surpassing China. Our cutting factory in Bangkok include a team of 37 cutters and polishers who are regularly working under our guidance.

For inquiries about white topaz in bulk or getting in touch with us for any sort of collaboration, email

What is topaz used for?

People who purchase white topaz from us at wholesale, not just buy it and start selling. (Do check out the different colors of topaz in the start of the article). These are the following purposes:
  • Coating White topaz into different colors from Azotic or Chinese companies
  • Using white topaz to be used a replacement of diamonds, or just simply the use of white coloured stones
  • White topaz can be coloured in Sky blue topaz, by the Irradiation process. Some of our customers get it done in Germany (German treatments of sky blue topaz are the best but expensive) and some get it done with companies in Bangkok. Some of the colors that can be made are here.
  • Some give the white topaz to us for Irradiation as we have a pact with some of the best companies in Bangkok for colouring into sky blue.
  • Treatment into Swiss blue topaz, Baby Swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz.
Swiss Blue Topaz

    London Blue Topaz
  • Investment, the big 200-300 carat pieces are ordered for this purpose yes!
  • Carved in white topaz budha, or white topaz jesus christ cross? Multi purposed.
You may also see here how Mystic topaz is made from White topaz, it is a video shot by us at Navneet Gems.

Don't forget to share this article and comment about: Who is going to buy diamonds at such prices? With the big price difference what are you going to choose between White topaz and White diamonds?


  1. This is a god-send article for men like me who need to buy their wives gifts and can't really afford diamonds all the time BUT the question is, would women feel the same? After all, diamonds are women's best friend.

    For me, this will do!

  2. I agree women don't feel the same. But if you have a large cocktail ring along with small mille sized white topaz around it. That would maybe work because the focus will be on the large stone. And when she asks what stone is this, yes this is totally upto you, what to answer. I would say this is Topaz and tell her this is 50 times more rarer then diamonds. Diamonds are actually abundant! Super abundant in the mines, it comes out 50 times in more quantities then white topaz. Controlled by De Beers. ;)

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  4. Wow, I just loved these stones! I never seen a blue topaz. I want that in my life. Definitely going to make my boyfriend read this article. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hey! Blue topaz is actually a beautiful stone! Very underpriced as you may have read in this article about white topaz! You could email us if you actually need a blue topaz. We could send some! Enjoy reading our next upcoming articles! Do subscribe!

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