Diamond prices and why this is the time to invest in Diamonds

We are no special expterise when it comes to Diamond prices, but the Rapaport prices are definitely falling. We aren't saying but are the media. See some images below.

Now, what are the reasons why the diamond prices have fell?


"Diamonds are forever" and the "Forever mark" - things like these are marketing slogans that have costed De-Beers millions. For those who don't know De-beers is the company behind all the marketing of Diamonds, because they hold a large percentage of Diamond mining. These marketing ways had made people perceive that really Diamonds are a good investment and are the best way to propose to a girl. Because "Diamonds are girls best friend" who hasn't heard these famous slogans? So what is the problem?

These marketing campaigns have turned old, it has been there for years, people needed a change. All the elder generation still believes in these diamonds, but the newer gen, not so much. Now comes the new advert that De Beers has launched.

James Bond 007 Marketing Campaign back in the 20th Century.
The latest marketing campaign that is just recent launched.

Why to Invest in Diamonds now? And which ones?

The huge boom in diamonds have slowed and now the prices have adjusted to its worldwide levels. The chinese market and the russian market slowdown has also been the cause of this. So this is the price that were 5-6 years ago. Now it can only go up, with the view of the new upcoming asian markets, we do suggest that this is the right time to invest. Especially in fancy shapes because those are even rarer, the most common shapes are rounds and you can easily find, when you sell it, there is nothing exciting about the shape.

This is the right time to invest in diamonds, and if you are looking for a wholeseller of Diamonds from Bangkok click here. This person is actually someone I met in Bangkok, he has a vast collection of Fancy shapes of Diamonds, that is the reason I suggest to go to this company. He really makes it worth your time and gives a good wholesale deal. On their website it also mentions their stockist.

Thanks for reading, do comment about "what your favourite diamond shape is"? Ours is certainly a Octagon (Asccher).