Monday, 24 October 2011

Blue Topaz Enhancement

Blue Topaz is one of the most exciting and frequently used gem. But in this article we are going to talk about the enhancement and the secrets of Blue Topaz that is still yet to be discovered.

Firslty how is Blue Topaz enhanced? 

Most of you wouldnt know that Blue Topaz comes naturally in White color form, which is further enhanced by passing through accelerators or machines that throw out radiation through the gem, to change the carbon composition, and this change turns the white into blue. Depending on how much radiation the topaz goes through, the darker the color will turn out to. For instance: Sky Blue Topaz only takes 2-4 months for the treatment to Sky color, from the original White color. However, London Blue Topaz can take upto 3 years to get intense deep blue color.

Secondly, where is Blue Topaz Treating laboratories?

Most of these laboratories are in the States, USSR, and Europe. So as you can notice, mostly in developed economies, do these labs occur. However, where exactly is, still a mystery and a secret in this Blue Topaz treatment process, because this is where the money is. There are very few limited treatment companies that will do this job for you, because of its complexity and its technicality. Navneet Gems And Minerals, we treat our Blue Topaz in Europe (London), for most of the times, unless there are capacity or production failures which are very rare in the treatment of irridated blue topaz.

For more information please write to us on so we can definitely help you with the whole process, and guide you to this beautiful gemstone.

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