Drusy Quartz: From nowhere straight to your Jewellery Studios

Drusy Quartz has yet again taken the worlds attention, in the Gems & Jewellery Industry. Drusy Quartz started years ago, at the start of 2000, but back then it was rejected by many of the worlds famous Jewellers because of its unattractive look, even though back then they still used Natural Drusies. 

 The first Amethyst Geodes looked like this, I had a piece to show off - here it is.
My grandfathers collected it since 1985's (Exact year cannot be determined)

The first drusies came in the Amethyst "geode" form, basically the mining places of Amethyst - the miners saw some rocks with very tiny crystals that could not be extracted to make Gemstones or Cabochons out of it. So, what did they do? They took out some pieces of Rock inbuilt in the earths crust, and sold these "Natural Drusies" to put in museums and for decoration items. The biggest plus point back then was that it was Natural. And everyone loves Natural stuffs - close to Mother nature.

Things changed - technology came in and started playing a big role in the Gemstone industry. We started having Topaz treatements, called Irradiation of Topaz. Using Cobalt 60-Irradiation methods, Coating (CVD) Coating Vaporization Deposition in stones like Mystic Quartz came about in the early 21st century. The chinese came into play, where they started making immitations at cheap prices for everything. But who knew the Drusy that used to sell for "free" would emerge as one of the biggest sellers of 2011, 2012 and start of at an excellent scale in 2013?

The coating process used in CVD, was being used for many purposes. Navneet Gems and Minerals was one of the first companies to explore this process and get in touch with European companies who had the technology to produce "high quality". Before we discovered our next step, there was a bad news for us ( We thought it was bad news ) - the Chinese companies were the first companies in China to produce Drusy Quartz by taking up Agates and cutting out natural drusy from the earth and placing it in such a way to stick both of them together using a chemical process. Their sticking process was very good. But their drusies were unevenly shaped and their colors of Drusy (Which they used their old CVD process). Just when the number of Chinese companies started to increase, the Indian companies started producing the same stuffs as them Chinese. The same quality.
Chinese Quality of Round Flat Drusy - Picture taken from Internet
Chinese Quality of Pears Window Drusy - Picture taken from Internet

We had a meeting with our Production manager in Thailand and saw an oppurtunity - to produce something more eye appealing- of high quality. Our experts cracked the situation open and came the invention of the top most quality of Drusy. That was then considered AAA by the industry. But we kept on improving and invented even a more tightened process of Drusy which led to the actual AAA Drusy Quartz quality today which looks like below:


Different varities & qualities of Drusy at NavneetGems

Our Production facility which is in Thailand, produces extremely Fine quality like above which is AAA quality - available in many colors of Titanium (12 different colors) and also Gold (24k) layer instead of Titanium Drusy. We can produce these Drusy Quartz in every size and shape, in Flat and Window Drusy Quartz

We also have the AA quality which has slightly bigger crystals - and slightly uneven shape. The price for these AA quality is much cheaper than AAA quality - as the AAA quality of drusy we have a very strict Quality control process which ensures every piece is duplicated as well as possible.

NavneetGems.com is a supplier of Wholesale Drusy Quartz in bulk, Loose Drusy Stones, and Druzy and Drusy. Some people even spell it as "Drusey" and "Druzi".

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