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I am continuously getting inquiries of London Blue Topaz. Many of these inquiries are to know more about this beautiful gemstone. I would like to take your attention towards this stone that this gemstone is one of our specialties. We are connoisseur in making jewelry from this gemstone.

The hardness of London Blue Topaz Round stones are 8.0 and its occurrence is from Brazil, U.S., Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Myanmar (Burma), former USSR, Australia, Pakistan, Mexico, Tasmania, Japan, Africa. Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones of the month of November.

Round cut in London Blue Topaz is the most famous shape and it looks very beautiful in jewelry. Following are some images of London Blue Topaz Round:
London Blue Topaz Round
Some other famous shapes are as follows:
London Blue Topaz
The appearance of the London blue topaz stones is usually the darkest gloom of the blue topaz and is very arresting gemstones. Most blue topaz gemstones are irradiated and heat treated silver topaz, though they are sometimes found naturally.

The Natural London Blue Topaz stones display a stunning medium dark grayish blue color, with brilliant cut symmetry and buff up with a clarity grading of "Eye Clean Plus". This is also treated with standard radiation treatment that is in full compliance with the USNRC standards.

We have our own manufacturing units where we manufacture jewelry also. You can select among numerous of our designs or you can tell us your desired design. Our main target is to satisfy our customer so that we can make a long term relationship with our clients and customers.

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