What Exactly the Gemstone Factory Is?

A place, from where you can get the shape and size of the gemstone of your choice is known as Gemstone Factory. At Gemstone Factory, you can find numerous varieties of precious and semi precious gemstones. One more thing, you should be familiar with the gemstone, which you want to buy because then only you can efficiently describe what exactly your requirement is. 

There is one more advantage buying from Gemstone Factory that you can buy them at wholesale prices. There are many Online Gemstone Stores who offer instant Buy Now option. But they are retailers because in retail you can buy Loose Gemstones. Navneet Gems and Minerals is one of the biggest wholesalers and manufacturers of Gemstones Wholesale.
We have our own manufacturing Gemstone Factory in India and Thailand. You can browse our website to choose among numerous precious and semi precious gemstones and email your requirements to us. You can save a lot of your money by buying gemstones from a wholesaler.

Our Gemstone Factories are according to the government norms. Our factory location is at a place away from the local public preserving their health. Our factory outlet is not even near any river, so we are not polluting the rivers and locality as well. Our Gemstone Factory is equipped with all the essential requirements for the manufacture and production of gemstones. We have a team of highly qualified experienced craftsmen who take care of the shape, size and cut of the gemstones.

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