An overview on Wholesale Peridot Gemstones

Peridot is a gemstone that comes in forsterite-fayalite series. It is an "idiochromatic" gem. It gives a constant and naturally integrated color. Color of this stone comes from basic chemical minerals, not from impurities.

Etymology behind this stone –
There is not any certain etymology behind this stone, It started from Anglo-Norman peridou and peridout, then later Middle French named it perido; Finally modern French Peridot. 

Peridot Rough and deposit -
Mainly deposits are in China, Pakistan and Vietnam. Few times ago, a new large deposit has been found in Pakistan that made an availability of this stone. Our rough inspection team is mainly importing from china and Pakistan. According to us, these countries are the best because their rough consist pure green color without any yellow and brown tone. Most importantly, big loose stones rough are found in Pakistan.  

History and beginning-
Use of this Gem started in early years, earlier it was used in Breastplates of Jewish Priest, Queen’s ornaments etc. Largest peridot was found in island Zabargad of 319 Carats. Napoleon also used this gem to gift Josephine (empress) for their love. Since those days it is also used by lovers.

Peridot colors Availability -
This Gemstone only comes in green color. Agent color of this stone is iron and chemical composition is magnesium and silicate apart from iron. Mainly color intensity depends on iron presence. Color range is yellow and olive to brownish green of this stone. Deep Green color is rare and the best to buy.
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Buy Peridot-
Hardness of this stone is average.  It’s harness is 6.5-7 on the Moh’s scale. There is not any special requirement to take care. You just need a normal care. It can be easily used in jewelry like pendant, rings, to wear. When you are buying peridot then make sure it is real. Real stone will always comes with slight inclusion. There are very rare chances to get a stone without inclusion. You can also ask for testing to dealer. Navneet Gems is supplying and selling Wholesale Peridot with testing. Customer reliance is very important to win the trust. Our each and every stone is tested from Gems lab. 

Best look time-
This stone looks most elegant in daylight. Night light does not impact on its aesthetic and brilliant looks. Peridot with white gold, Sterling silver and gold gives a beautiful touch.
Clarity, Cut and Color (we call it 3C’s)

It’s hard to find completely clear Peridot. We have this stones in each cut and size. You can get round, oval, trillion, cushion, pearshape, square, heart shape, octagon and marquise in all sizes at our online store. We are selling low, medium and high quality of peridot.
Every type and cut is available is possible in this gem like cabochons, faceted, single stone, beads, briolettes. We complete small to big demands of our customers. We are manufacturing and selling every type of peridot. Star and Cat’s eyes peridot are rare and famous.

Manufacturing process of Peridot-
As you know, it starts from the rough. We are importing rough from china and Pakistan as I mentioned earlier. After importing peridot natural rough from china, we send to it manufacturing unit where our expert craftsmen process it. They perform basic operation like shaping, pre-forming and polishing. After giving final touch it goes to quality check department where it is checked by our highly graduated Gemologists. This process seems simple in words but it takes a time and hard work as we believe in strict and quality processing. Peridot is completely a natural gemstone; there is not any treatment that can enhance the quality and visibility of this stone. 

peridot trillion
peridot Ovals

Peridot Astrology-
It is called Sometimes it is mistaken by emerald because of its Green color. It is a birthstone for August. It is also called “Gem of the sun”. It is Gemstone for “Saturn”.

It is all about Peridot Gemstone. Navneet Gems is the online wholesale supplier of peridot since last 18 years. We have competitive prices and high quality.

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