An Overview on Navneetgems Gemstones Factory

We have been running our gemstone factory since the last 18 years. Our company Navneet Gems is manufacturing almost every type of Semi-Precious and Precious Stones. Our Gemstone factory is making both types of stones- Faceted Gems and Cabochon Gems. We are manufacturing in large quantities on daily basis as we have a big unit of gems making.  We started our gemstone factory with Faceted Gemstones, later we stepped into the cabochon market. It was not so easy to reach on this level in Gemstones world. Our consistency, smart work, knowledge, a big team, Top notch quality, competitive prices, business ethics and values made it so far.

Let me explain you how our quality of semi precious stones is the best and well maintained? It is not an overnight thing for us. We are running our Gemstone factory in a "step process". We have divided our whole team in four divisions. It starts with “Rough analyzing team”, work of this team is to go around the world and analysis the position of current and new rough materials available in existing and new countries. Rough finalized by our expertise goes to our skilled and experienced workers in step two. They do process of Pre-forming, shaping, cutting and polishing. After completing  the making of Gemstone, it goes to “Quality department”, all our team members of this department are graduated from well established institutes of gemology. They inspect each and every stone in order to ensure quality, hardness and clarity. In the last step it comes into the market for selling. We have a strict process of manufacturing with latest technology that’s what makes us best in gemstones. We are selling completely Gemstones Online.

We are making faceted, cabochons, drops, briolette and fancy We have each cutting and shapes like pears, squares, cushions, rounds, emerald cuts, baguettes, princess', trillions, ovals, marquises and hearts. NavneetGems is selling Gemstones at wholesale prices worldwide. Our company has been awarded many times for quality and best selling. 

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