Drusy Quartz - Classy Gemstone in Limited Budget

The most abundant mineral found on Earth. Constituting 12% of the Earth’s crust and mostly occurred in varieties of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Drusy Quartz is usually found with the mining of Semi-Precious Gemstones such as Garnets, Peridots. The fine layer of sparkling crystals on the stone is called Drusy. Though, it is not a birthstone but it has many positive impacts to the wearer such as reducing the stress, filing with positive energies, stabilizing the aura.

Navneet Gems and Minerals are one of the one of biggest manufactures of Drusy Quartz in the World. We deal in Drusy Loose Stones. Below are few examples of this shimmery Gemstone that we have in stock. These samples might sale off till the time you order. Do not worry!! We have whole warehouse waiting for you. Contact with us via mail with your specific requirements of color, size, quantity at info@navneetgems.com .We are just one click away from you.

You all must see International fashion shows, models wearing big irregular glimmer stone jewellery most of them is Drusy Quartz. It gives any accessory a striking because it is popular for its sparkle, color and can easily be cut into interesting and unusual shapes. Not only for Gemstone purposes, it has been used as raw chemical or ingredient in manufacturing cements, concrete glass and many other industrial products.

If you are interested in buying Drusy Quartz from us then contact to us info@navneetgems.com and please do not hesitate to ask any sort of query. We are here to help you 24X7. We insure full satisfactions to your customers.

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