Drusy Quartz - Unique and Natural Gemstone

Do you know that drusy quartz looks like very expensive Jewelry but it completely fit in your budget?  
Who says you need lots of money to look fascinating and gorgeous. It totally depends on your knowledge about the trends and Gemstones. Ever you wondered how to buy excellent looking Gems without investing a big money? If you are not then you should. Most of the Fashion designers know about high fashion Jewelry accessories. 

Drusy Quartz is one of those stones on which you need a small amount to buy. There are several Jewelry things to use drusy quartz (also called druzy quartz) in jewelry styles and fashion. ear rings, pendants and rings can be easily made using Drusy Quartz.  

Why this stone is unique?

This Gemstone’s uniqueness is because of its manner in which it is formed. As you know water penetrates the cavities and strikes the rocks, this process repeats. That water leaves a glittering crystal residue then finally it hardens and forms Drusy Quartz. This is completely a natural thing, this naturally makes it unique.

Different color of crystals is there. So it doesn’t matter what color you choose, every color looks elegant. 

Navneet Gems is selling Drusy Loose Stones (Flat Druzy, Window Druzy) in both Titanium and Gold Coated at wholesale prices. We have direct source of this stone. We provide every shape, size and color of drusy in large quantities to our customers. 

Drusy Quartz

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