How to Identify Real Gemstones

Gemstones – Where all the women and girls’ heart lives. Without wearing gemstones, your costume looks incomplete. There is many online and offline gemstone stores. People like both precious and semi precious gemstones, but now a days semi precious gemstones are on peak. Ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamonds are precious gemstones. There is big list of semi precious stones for example – garnet, aquamarine, citrine, peridot etc. Man-made gemstones are also available in market, which are also called artificial. Here are some tips to distinguish between natural and artificial Gemstones and identity the natural Gem. 

Real or genuine stones have little flaws and lively color, which do not appear in artificial one. Normally synthetic or artificial gems are heavier than real gemstones. There are more factors like shape, cut and brightness. Always Buy Gemstones from a reliable and long time existing supplier. When you are buying from a reliable supplier then you don't need to worry about quality and authenticity because a big name will never sell unreal or artificial Gems just for few money. 

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