Is Tanzanite Gemstone really running out?


People have been buzzing around about the Tanzanite Gemstone running out, and finally disappearing in the next 10 years like many of the Expensive stones have become rare. Example: Natural Fancy Diamonds. I remember when Fancy diamonds in the year 1990 used to be so famous that New Yorks busy-est Jewellery Stores used to have an abundance of Fancy Colored Diamonds. Tanzanite, is it also going to happen to America's favourite Semi precious gemstone? Some say yes, Some say no.

Who says yes?
Some of the Gemstone dealers, and the Miners say Yes, Tanzanite is really going down in terms of its production, capacity, and its outcome. The reason is because Tanzanite (Where 90% of the worlds Tanzanite is mined in) has started to show signs of slowing down. Currently the production stands at only 70% of what it was 1 year ago. And surely if this trend continues maybe what these Gemstone dealers and Miners say will come true? Or is it just because they are selling over these Gems, and making such statements will create "buy rush" in the market? Anyones guess this about these Loose Tanzanite stones really.

Who says no?
The industry experts in the Gems and Jewellery sector, mostly say No this is not true. One of the biggest and the most experts is from the Gemological Institute of America, Mr. Thompson, who I had met a few weeks back while having a small meeting over a few issues in the Gemstone industry today, said that, "Complete rubbish" - this is not going to happen, its just that they all think they are economists and move prices up and down according to their words. Smart people dont believe in what others say, they listen and interpret it by themselves using their own brains, Mr. Thompson told me over Coffee about Loose Tanzanite Gemstones.

The actual Tanzanite Situation
The real situation no-one other than our company Navneet Gems and Minerals who deals in Tanzanite can know. We are not the biggest Million dollar players in the United States, but we do play some type of role and have our customers who demand Tanzanite on a regular basis. Getting back to the point, Yes there is some shortage, but Tanzania is a big place - did you know that? One places' production reduces the other place starts getting Raw Rough Tanzanite? This same thing also happened in White topaz rough. It was being produced majorly from Brazil, until Chinese and Indians starting competing for buying, and led to increase in prices. After this, another discovery in Zambian White topaz happened. Same stories with Garnet, which has its different varieties from all over the world at the moment.

For Investors
Yes, Tanzanite should be a stone you are looking to invest in, that is if you are investor. Its prices can increase 40% in few months, if the market for this stone picks up. This stone has seen alot of fluctuation in the prices. Recently, because of the Chinese liking the Tanzanite colour, the prices have increased 30% for the stones that are quite big and unique. So make sure to invest in 1 Nice stone, rather than a 100 small stones, which are replaceable.

For Jewellers
Maybe a concern for you guys, but Hey - prices go up, you charge your customers higher prices, Tanzanite is definitely something you will be seeing for the next 20 years. For sure.

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